Walkers has released two new flavours of crisps in the UK as part of its Sensations range.

Walkers Crisps are responsible for a range of products including Quavers, Wotsits, Monster Munch, Squares and Bugles as well as their various ranges like Max and Sensations.

Several popular crisp flavours have been axed by Walkers in recent months.

In November, the crisp giant revealed it had stopped making Salt and Vinegar Quavers, while in October fans discovered the popular Worcester sauce flavour had been discontinued.

Then in December, Walkers confirmed they had also stopped making Max Strong Hotsauce Blaze flavoured crisps and Max Wasabi Peanuts.

Romford Recorder: Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps and Salt and Vinegar Quavers are just two of the products discontinued by Walkers recently.Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps and Salt and Vinegar Quavers are just two of the products discontinued by Walkers recently. (Image: PA)

Walkers releases two new crisp flavours

But despite the recent crisp cull, Walkers has now added two new flavours to its Sensations range - Mature Cheddar and Chilli Chutney and Crushed Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn.

The new flavours were spotted in Tesco by Facebook group Ultimate Food & Snack Finds UK, before the release was then also confirmed by The Grocer

Senior marketing director of Walkers, Wayne Newton, speaking to The Sun said the new Mature Cheddar and Chilli Chutney and Crushed Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn flavours were an attempt to tap into "classic favourite flavours" but adding a "modern twist".

Mr Newton said: "We know that consumers continue to look for premium products to treat themselves with, despite the current economic challenges.

"With the launch of these new products, we wanted to tap into those classic favourite flavours of cheese and salt and add in a bit of a modern twist through the addition of chilli chutney and black peppercorn to offer something a little different.

"Not only will this allow us to recruit a wider demographic to the brand, but our NPD will also support retailers in maximising sales around sharing occasions, offering well-loved flavours that are sure to be a hit with shoppers."

Crisp lovers took to the Ultimate Food & Snack Finds UK Facebook post to share their excitement at the "banging" new Walkers crisps.

One fan commented: "Love sea salt or cracked pepper just too get tase buds going."

Another shopper added: "Love the Cheddar cheese one love them eat a whole pack if not careful"

A third person said: "The Cheddar and Chilli chutney are banging"

While another crisp lover, yet to try the new crisps, commented: "I bet the cheese and chilli ones will be lush."

Marmite crisps returning to UK stores after being discontinued by Walkers

The news of the new releases comes just days after it was revealed, by The Grocer, that Marmite crisps would be returning to UK stores with Northern Ireland brand Tayto. 

Marmite crisps had been part of the Walkers range up until recently when they revealed they had discontinued the popular flavour much to the disappointment of fans across the country.


A Walkers spokesperson said: “We are very sorry to disappoint fans of Marmite flavour Walkers crisps with this news.

“We know many crisp lovers will hate to see this Walkers’ flavour go.

“This change will enable us to focus our efforts on making more of the flavours crisp fans love the most.”