A Walkers crisp flavour could be returning to UK stores just days after being discontinued.

The crisp giant, who is responsible for a range of products including Quavers, Wotsits, Monster Munch, Squares and Bugles, revealed last Friday (January 19) it has discontinued Marmite flavoured crisps.

Walkers revealed the Marmite flavour had been discontinued but hoped the decision would pave the way for new crisps.

A Walkers spokesperson, speaking to The Sun, said: “We are very sorry to disappoint fans of Marmite flavour Walkers crisps with this news.

“We know many crisp lovers will hate to see this Walkers’ flavour go.

“This change will enable us to focus our efforts on making more of the flavours crisp fans love the most.”

Romford Recorder: Walkers has discontinued a number of different flavours of crisps in recent months including Salt and Vinegar Quavers.Walkers has discontinued a number of different flavours of crisps in recent months including Salt and Vinegar Quavers. (Image: PA)

Several other popular crisp flavours have already been axed by Walkers in recent months.

In November, the crips manufacturer revealed it had stopped making Salt and Vinegar Quavers, while in October fans discovered the popular Worcester sauce flavour had been discontinued.

Then in December, Walkers confirmed they had also stopped making Max Strong Hotsauce Blaze flavoured crisps and Max Wasabi Peanuts.

Marmite teases return of discontinued crisps

But the absence of Marmite flavoured crisps may be short lived.

Marmite posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday with a picture of a crisp and the caption: "Coming soon…"

The person in the photo is also wearing black nail polish, which coincidently is the same colour as the Walkers Marmite flavoured crisp packet.

Marmite crisp lovers took to the post to share their excitement of the possibility of their return to UK stores so soon after being discontinued.

One person, with a gif of David Walliams screaming "hallelujah", commented: "Proper Marmite crisps coming back??"

Another fan said: "and there goes my diet."

A third person added: "Be still my beating heart (with a beating heart emoji)."

While another X user said: "MARMITE CRISPS ARE RETURNING?!?"


The Marmite flavour crisps have always divided opinion - hence the caption on the Walkers packets: "Love it or hate it", so not everyone was happy about the news. 

One person, commenting on the Marmite post, said: "NO!! Just NO!!"

With a second person adding: "No, no, no #no."