Fans are calling for the return of a popular Walkers Crisps flavour after discovering it is no longer available.

Brits have taken to social media this week to express their concerns at not being able to find the popular Worcester Sauce flavour of Walkers Crisps.

One fan of the crisp flavour on X (formerly Twitter) said: "Is it just me that's noticed but I've not seen these in my local shop/supermarket for a while now @walkers_crisps can I still get them??"

While another crisp lover added: "Love smoky bacon but what has happened to Worcestershire sauce and especially tomato ketchup flavours! Cannot tell you how much I miss my two favourite flavours."

Walkers reveals Worcester sauce crisp flavour no longer available

Replying to fans on X, Walkers Crisps explained the popular Worcester sauce flavour had been discontinued and is no longer available. 

A Walkers Crisps spokesperson on X said: "Hi, we're sorry but Worcester Sauce flavour is no longer part of our range."

This news left the crisp lovers distraught and had them calling for Walkers to bring the flavour back.

One person son X said: "What the hell @walkers_crisps Worcester Sauce was the best flavour crisps that you did! You need to bring them back asap!!!!"

While second person posted: "Every week for the last 8 months I’ve been looking on Tesco website for Worcester Sauce Crisps pack of 6 but they were always out of stock, now I know why. They are my favourite Crisps and I will miss eating them straight from the bag and in sandwiches R.I.P Worcester Sauce R.I.P."

A third person added: "@walkers_crisps right enough is enough...Worcester sauce....bring them back PLEASE."