A historic building will undergo works if planning permission is granted.

Bower House, a grade I listed building on Orange Tree Hill in Havering-atte-Bower, is the subject of a planning application by Christian charity Amana Trust.

The proposed works would address "items of immediate concern", according to a report submitted as part of the application.

These include cracking within the building's west wing, deterioration of the wooden ceiling and servery floor and upkeep of the grand staircase.

Under the plans, L0006.23, Bower House will have opening up works to the inside west wing, structural repairs to the outside brickwork and bay window repointing.

Havering Council received and validated this application on July 17 and a decision date has been set to August 11 this year.

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A design and access statement from Tait Architects said that deterioration of timber in the ceiling of the west wing loft was due to insect attack, which has since stopped.

The statement recommends extra support for the framework with new purlins and further consultations with a timber specialist.

Additional investigation is required to the servery floor, which is currently secured with a temporary covering, according to the statement.

"The application is solely concerned with investigative works in the interior chamber of the west wing, the lounge, and repairs on the south elevation of the building," it added.

No changes to access are proposed.

Bower House, a red brick villa built in 1792 by English architect Henry Flitcroft, was listed as grade I on July 4, 1952.

A second planning application from the same applicant, L0005.23, for new carpet to cover the first and second floors and grand staircase of Bower House was also submitted.

Havering Council received and validated it on July 17, with September 11 the decision date.

"The need for change is prompted primarily by the very poor condition of the covering which pose safety hazards (tripping) and aesthetic issues," the statement said.

The condition of the floor underneath is believed to be good with no visible signs of deterioration.

The applications can be tracked following numbers and L0006.23 and L0005.23.