Readers have had their say on Romford town centre, which one person labelled as "disjointed."

The Recorder published on article on Thursday (June 29) in which Romford town centre was described as "stuck in the 1970s" by a shopper and readers have since registered their own views.

Stephanie Robinson, a local, said the town centre is "disjointed" and in need of a deep clean.

"In the 1970s I was only little but I remember the 80s and it was 100 times nicer," she said.

"Far too many empty shops," she added.

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Veronica Watson, also from Romford, agreed with Stephanie and said in the 1970s it was a very busy and thriving market town.

But she said it has recently deteriorated.

"It's now run down, dirty and not a safe place to walk in the evenings," she said.

But Fraser Smith, another Romford resident, pointed out that places change with time and much-loved stores had to shut due to lack of customers.

"It's easy to point the finger and say it wasn't like it was back in the day.

"I remember Romford in the 80s and it wasn't much different."

Fraser added that local favourites Debenhams, Littlewoods and Woolworths suffered as a result of changing shopping habits.

"If people want the market to survive then they should use it.

"If people wanted Debenhams, Littlewoods and Woolworths to survive they should have shopped there," he said.

Gary Redwin from Upminster suggested that the market should have been moved into Debenhams to include pop-up stalls and street foods stands.

Others punters agreed that empty space could be better used and called for a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

Michelle Willmott said: "In the 70s and 80s you could walk about and feel safe, not now [there are] little thugs waiting for their next victim to rob at knife point."

Madeline, another resident, agreed and said she would rather go back to that time. 

"Walking around Romford [is] not the same anymore," she said.

Sue Cook was more positive and said she still enjoys Romford for shopping, but admitted the town centre needs attention.

"It does need a good clean up and brighten up," she said.