Concerns have been raised over plans to build new homes and a hockey pitch on green belt land.

The Recorder has seen a flyer from developer Anderson, showcasing proposals for a hockey pavilion and pitch for Upminster Hockey Club alongside 100 new homes on the land north of St Mary’s Lane in Cranham.

A community consultation was held by Anderson on Tuesday (June 27) in which the scheme was discussed further at New Windmill Hall in Upminster.

But the proposals have already divided opinion.

Chris Wilkins, Upminster councillor for Havering Residents Association (HRA), opposed the plans and called for the green belt to be protected.

“This has not been properly planned,” he said. “It amazes me that the impact of 100 new homes in Upminster has not been fully considered.

“Building on green belt is one of our red lines – I would oppose the development for building on green belt until we are forced down that route.”

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But Upminster Hockey Club said a sporting facility was much needed and special circumstances warranted the proposed development.

“We recognise that development can often be divisive, and that there had to be very special circumstances to warrant building on the site,” a spokesperson said.

They added that a new facility was needed to support the club's growing membership base.

But some residents nearby were unimpressed.

Michelle Amato, who has lived in Upminster since 2007, said that green belt land should not be harmed.

“A hockey pitch, seriously?” she said. “It’s on green belt land and that should remain green belt - the whole idea of living in the suburbs is to keep it green.”

Kenny Jacob, who lives in Romford, felt Upminster "is now having the concrete jungle pushed on it like the rest of Havering".

An Anderson spokesperson said proposals for the scheme are centred on finding the best use of the land for the community.

“We have been pleased with the feedback that has been received to the proposals so far,” they added.

“This is clearly widespread support for the scheme, but we shall continue to listen carefully to everyone’s feedback.”

When asked to comment, Havering Council said should an application be submitted, it will go through the usual decision-making process.