Workers at the Romford Marks & Spencer have become local celebrities off the back of their TikTok antics.

Shoppers are clamouring for autographs of the team from the South Street supermarket, who first shot to fame after releasing a video of Michael Jackson's Thriller on October 18.

The popularity of that TikTok video inspired the group, whose follow-up performance of a Backstreet Boys classic immediately went viral.

That video, which sees workers in Hi Vis jackets mouthing the words to 1999 single I Want It That Way, quickly rocketed to over 200,000 views.

Romford Recorder: The Romford team revised Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way on TikTokThe Romford team revised Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way on TikTok (Image: Marks & Spencer)

An M&S spokesperson said the Romford store has been "trailblazing" with its TikTok content; their Thriller Halloween post has reached up to 1.2 million views, while their new uniform video has surpassed 1.3 million.

They said customers "just can’t get enough of our Romford superstars" and have been coming into the store specially to meet them and get their autographs.

Last week, the Romford team boogied with a giant Percy Pig ahead of Halloween and rode around on "broomsticks" of wrapping paper.

Store manager Lee Spencer said: “Customers have been coming into store, telling staff how much they are enjoying seeing the hardworking team having so much fun and showing off their dance moves.

"They are also requesting autographs from the trio for family Christmas presents whist doing their daily shop."

Deputy store manager Emma Colom added: “What’s lovely is the whole store are excited about social - it's like riding on a crest of a wave. It’s fun, energetic and drives a great atmosphere”.