The Conservatives have won the last three of Havering’s council seats.

Following multiple requests for recounts in the Rainham and Wennington ward, this evening (May 9) the ward's three elected councillors have been declared at Romford Town Hall.

Tory candidates Sarah Edwards, Jackie McArdle and Sue Ospreay were declared the ward’s new councillors, winning the three seats with more than 3,900 votes combined.

Jeffery Tucker and David Durant, both of Rainham Independent Residents' Association, have lost their seats.

The three winners battled against seven others to secure their place on the council.

This brings the total seats won by the Conservatives to 23 seats - down two when compared to 2018 - while Residents' Associations have also won a combined 23 seats, down one from the same year.

Labour have claimed nine seats – up four from 2018.

Full results:

Rainham and Wennington - three seats

Susan Adams, Green: 242

Simon Maurice Darvill, Labour: 881

David Warren Durant, Rainham Independent Residents' Association (Rainham/Wennington): 955

Sarah Jane Edwards, Conservative: 1,206 (elected)

Mohammed Abdullah Siddique Ibnay Ambia, Labour: 827

Jackie McArdle, Conservative: 1,295 (elected)

Antonia Osammor, Labour: 825

Sue Ospreay, Conservative: 1,443 (elected)

Alby Tebbutt, Rainham Independent Residents' Association (Rainham/Wennington): 848

Jeffrey Tucker, Rainham Independent Residents' Association (Rainham/Wennington): 1,194

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