Pictures: Clear-up as storms uproot over 120 trees in Havering

Fallen tree

Crews cutting a fallen tree on Parkway in Gidea Park. - Credit: Havering Council

More than 120 trees were uprooted or felled in Havering when Storm Eunice and Franklin's high winds battered the borough.

The country suffered power cuts, travel disruption and weather warnings on February 18 when the first storm hit, with gusts of 122mph recorded in parts of the UK.

Storm Franklin followed, with some London councils warning that more bad weather could prolong the clear-up effort.

However, Havering Council reported to this newspaper that its teams cleared more trees on Friday than they would usually deal with in six months.  

Berwick Pond Road with fallen tree in middle

Berwick Pond Road before and after council workers cleared the road of the fallen tree. - Credit: Havering Council

Fallen tree

Chestnut Avenue before and after council workers cleared a fallen tree. - Credit: Havering Council


The council said around 90 per cent of reported damage and incidents had been dealt with by February 21.  

Hall Lane

Hall Lane looked much better after council workers cleared the pathway of a collapsed tree. - Credit: Havering Council

Thousands of residents and businesses helped council workers clear the mess left in their roads, gardens and parking areas.  

Fallen Tree

A fallen tree on The Glen road in Rainham. - Credit: Havering Council

Leader of Havering Council, Damian White, thanked everyone who helped, including the council’s staff who “worked tirelessly since Friday – and continue to do so - to remove fallen trees, branches and other storm debris”.  


Volunteers helped out the council's clean-up crew. - Credit: Havering Council

He added: “This effort has once again shown that when Havering comes together to respond to a crisis – there is nothing that we can’t overcome.” 

Thorogood Way

Thorogood Way in Rainham before and after the council cleared the fallen tree. - Credit: Havering Council

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The council said it will continue to check the safety of parks.  

Upminster Park bench

In Upminster park, larger trunks from fallen trees will serve as natural ornamental benches once smaller branches and damaged segments are removed. In the top photo: Pat from Friends of Upminster Park can be seen trying out a new bench. - Credit: Havering Council

Damaged trees can be reported at by searching “trees”.