‘He put his life into family’: Tributes paid to former builder who died of Covid

Jodi and Timothy

Jodi Bushe aged six with her father, Timothy Wigmore. - Credit: Jodi Bushe

A former builder who worked in Romford and Dagenham died of Covid aged 72.  

Timothy Wigmore was a husband to Linda Wigmore, 74; grandad to Jimmy Bushe, 26; and father to Jodi Bushe, 49, and John Wigmore, 47, who passed away from a brain haemorrhage in 2015.  

Jodi, who lives in Dagenham, said he will be remembered for the cheer he brought to many.  

Timothy Wigmore

Timothy Wigmore died of Covid aged 72. - Credit: Jodi Bushe

She said: “He would always make sure we were alright and was always fun and cheerful. He would do anything for anyone and always wanted to keep the peace.”  

Owing his kind attributes to his Catholic faith, Jodi said he would “carry his religion with him every day”.  

She added: “I used to say to him, if people were bad to him, ‘how do you keep so calm?’ He would say: ‘I won’t come down to their level.'"  

In his younger years Timothy enjoyed playing snooker, but Jodi said “he put his life into family”.  

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“When I had my son, he became like a dad again. Where my dad went, Jimmy went. He was a good father and we never went without.  

“You knew you were always safe with him,” said Jodi.  

Spending his years as a builder, Timothy retired in 2012 with arthritis - Jodi said his years in the trade “took a hammering on his knees”.  

Wedding photo

Linda and Timothy (pictured in the centre of the photo) on their wedding day in 1967. - Credit: Jodi Bushe

His wife of 52 years, Linda, said he "loved his job” and recalls how he was the “only boyfriend” she ever had.  

She said: “He was a good husband and father and I wish he hadn’t gone.  

“I never thought I'd be left here on my own. He was always funny and winding you up, and always laughing and joking.  

“I will remember him being here with me, I still love him dearly.”  

Timothy and John's grave

Timothy has been laid to rest next to his son, John. - Credit: Jodi Bushe

Timothy died at Queen’s Hospital during the pandemic after suffering pneumonia as a complication of the Covid-19 virus.  

In his final moments, Jodi said she was “so glad” to be by his side.  

Timothy is buried next to his son John at Eastbrookend Cemetery in Dagenham.  

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