Havering Council reveals full line-up of its new HRA/Labour administration 

A power-sharing process was agreed-upon between the HRA and Labour at Havering's first full council meeting, on May 25

A power-sharing agreement was agreed upon between the HRA and Labour at Havering's full council meeting on May 25 - Credit: Ben Lynch

Names of the cabinet members taking the top jobs in Havering’s new administration have been revealed.

HRA and Labour entered into a power-sharing agreement after the recent local election result brought about Havering Council in no overall control

Cllr Ray Morgon of the HRA had already been voted in as leader of the local authority at the first full council meeting on May 25, with Labour’s Cllr Trevor McKeever taking the position of mayor. 

Cllr Ray Morgon

Leader of the council, Cllr Ray Morgon - Credit: Havering Council

Now the rest of the administration’s roles, including the cabinet, can be revealed. 

HRA councillor Gillian Ford will be deputy leader of the council, while of the nine cabinet places available, seven have gone to HRA members and two to Labour. 

The two Labour positions will be held by Cllr Paul McGeary, in housing and accommodation services, and Labour leader Cllr Keith Darvill with the climate change portfolio, an addition under the new council. 

Councillor Gillian Ford is involved in an initiative by the Alzheimer's Society called dementia frie

Cllr Gillian Ford - Credit: Arnaud Stephenson

Cllr Darvill said the administration has a “full agenda on housing”, involving a plan to “boost the amount of social housing in the borough”. 

He added that he intends to “amend the climate change agenda to give it more teeth”. 

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“We want to meet with MPs and ministers to highlight the problems Havering has,” he added. 

Cllr Keith Darvill

Cllr Keith Darvill - Credit: Archant

This comes after a new, streamlined committee structure was passed at the reconvened full council meeting on June 13, plus a reduction in the special responsibility allowances (SRAs).  

At that meeting, Cllr Morgon reiterated his administration’s desire to do a “root and branch” review of the council, and of the need to work across all parties. 

He added: “We are going to be working with everyone, regardless of what party they are in, to make Havering a better place.” 

The new administration in full: 

Leader of the council – Cllr Ray Morgon 

Deputy leader of the council – Cllr Gillian Ford 

Cabinet portfolios: 

Cllr Ray Morgon – Policy, strategy and performance 

Cllr Gillian Ford – Adults and health 

Cllr Chris Wilkins – Finance and transformation 

Cllr Graham Williamson – Development and regeneration 

Cllr Barry Mugglestone – Environment 

Cllr Oscar Ford – Children and young people 

Cllr Paul Middleton – Corporate, culture and leisure services 

Cllr Paul McGeary – Housing and accommodation services 

Cllr Keith Darvill – Climate change