‘Lawless’: Further issues raised with state and maintenance of Romford car park

The car park, located out the back of Romford Shopping Hall

The car park, located behind Romford Shopping Hall, has been subject to a range of ongoing complaints - Credit: Shaun Barker

Complaints about a Romford car park plagued by antisocial behaviour are going unheard, a local businessman has claimed. 

Managed by Britannia Parking, the car park behind Romford Shopping Hall has been hit by issues ranging from broken lifts and wider disrepair to a lack of local support for customers. 

A Britannia spokesperson, meanwhile, said it has undertaken a “thorough review” of the car park and will introduce measures to safeguard against antisocial behaviour.

This paper previously reported how one regular user said that, due to a problem with the car park's exiting system, he had once been stuck inside for around 45 minutes

Now, another person has called on Britannia to address ongoing issues. 

Shaun Barker, director at Land Management - the company which runs and owns Romford Shopping Hall - said nearby residents and customers have long been complaining about the state of the car park. 

This included instances such as a bonfire being lit, a man nearly being hit by a thrown can, and drinking and drug-taking. 

Despite the complaints made to Britannia, Shaun said he felt as if the company is not taking it seriously. 

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“It’s very regular,” Shaun said. “It’s pretty much known as a lawless car park. 

“It’s just a pretty shockingly run car park.” 

Shaun said a bonfire being lit and a can being thrown at a man are among the complaints raised

Shaun said a bonfire being lit and a man nearly being hit by a thrown can are among the complaints raised by customers and nearby residents - Credit: Shaun Barker

The East Area BCU confirmed it has received reports of youths causing criminal damage and drug dealing at the site.

The force said it made recommendations to Britannia Parking, such as allocating a security guard, which have been implemented.

The Britannia spokesperson said it will be introducing automated shutters in a bid to improve security and will upgrade the payment process so customers can use an app. 

“These enhancements will improve the user experience and help us safeguard against antisocial behaviour," they said.

"We have tested these systems in other locations and received positive feedback for the changes."

A Havering Council spokesperson said that while it has not been made aware of any complaints since 2019, it has alerted its enforcement officers, the CCTV control room and the town centre police teams. 

“Residents can also go directly back to their ward councillors to ask them what actions have been taken since they were contacted,” they said.