Women continue to be targeted in string of mobile thefts at Romford club


Police were contacted following reports of four suspected mobile phone thefts at Atik in South Street on Saturday, February 19 and into the early hours of the following morning. - Credit: Google Images

A “very concerned” dad has called on a Romford club to keep their patrons safe after his 19-year-old daughter and three others had their phones stolen at the venue.  

The 49-year-old Havering father, who wishes to remain anonymous, said his daughter’s phone was stolen while at Atik nightclub.

Police confirmed they were contacted following reports of four suspected mobile phone thefts at the venue on February 19 and into the early hours of the following morning. 

The victims, all women aged from late teens to 30s, reported their phone had been in their bag or about their person and was later found to be missing.  

The Met’s spokesperson said: “Venue staff searched a group of males and a number of people leaving the venue but no stolen items were recovered. 

“There have been no arrests.” 

The dad, who said he is “very concerned”, said his daughter was quick to report the theft to security in the club and also police who were positioned on South Street. 

This comes after this newspaper reported that women were targeted in a string of mobile phone thefts at the nightclub in October last year.  

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“There seems to be a massive issue in the club in regards to thefts and the club should do more to keep paying customers safe,” the dad added.  

The club’s spokesperson said: “We do everything we can to keep our customers safe; we search on entry, have extensive CCTV throughout the venue and work closely with the police.”  

They added that Atik’s security team are fully trained and are a “visible presence throughout opening hours to identify any issues and provide support”.  

“We also have posters up advising people to keep their mobile phones safe," they added.

“If we suspect anyone of stealing, they will be handed over to the police.” 

The Met's spokesperson confirmed three of the four reports have been closed with no further action. 

New information about the incidents would be assessed if it came to light, they added, and officers will continue to work with the club to “identify any thieves that may be operating within the premises”.