Women targeted in string of mobile phone thefts at Romford nightclub


Six phones have been reported as stolen to the police by women who attended Atik nightclub in Romford between October 2 to October 9. - Credit: Google Images

Multiple partygoers have had their mobile phones stolen from a Romford nightclub over the course of just one week.

The Met Police confirmed six women have reported their phones stolen from Atik between October 2 to 9.

Atik did not respond to requests for comment.  

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told this newspaper her friend's phone was taken while at the South Street club on Saturday (October 9). 

She alleged a member of Atik's door staff warned them about the spate of thefts, advising the women to "hold onto your phones tight".

The woman said the warning “scared” her, and it only took 20 minutes for her friend's phone - which was inside her front trouser pocket - to be stolen.  

When attempting to call the number, she discovered that the phone has been turned off.

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Atik’s security allegedly told the clubber they were searching everyone who leaves the venue, but her friend waited all evening without finding her phone.  

Police officers said they are continuing to work with staff at the venue to “address this issue and identify any thieves that may be operating within the premises”.  

They warned that thieves concentrate on “heavy footfall” areas: “The reopening of nightclubs and pubs has provided new opportunities for thieves and pick-pockets, particularly concerning mobile phone thefts. 

“While we all make an effort to keep phones safe, it’s worth remembering that it can take just seconds for a thief to grab it from a table or bar, or to take it from a back pocket, especially in a crowded area.” 

A police spokesperson encouraged everyone with a mobile phone to keep a record of their IMEI number, which can be obtained by keying in "*#06#".

The IMEI number should be accessible away from the device as it will be needed if it is stolen.  

They pointed out the importance of security features on the handset to prevent thieves from accessing personal information, and ask people to report any thefts on 101.