Another dispersal order in Elm Park amid youth ASB crackdown

The area covered by the Elm Park dispersal order

The area covered by the Elm Park dispersal order - Credit: Met Police / MPS Elm Park

Another dispersal order granting police powers to exclude young people from Elm Park has been authorised amid a crackdown on antisocial behaviour.

The order means that from 2pm today - Tuesday, May 24 - officers can remove people under the age of 16 from the area and take them home, or to a place of safety.

Police say it has been authorised in response to concerns about anti-social behaviour (ASB) involving youths.

It will remain in place for 48 hours, and applies to an area which includes Elm Park Underground Station.

The affected zone is bordered by Warren Drive to the north, Abbs Cross Lane and South End Road to the east, Wood Lane and Rainham Road to the south and Upper Rainham Road to the west.

It follows a dispersal order being enforced in Elm Park for the same period of time last week.

That dispersal order coincided with local police undertaking a day of action in the area, which police say took place “as the result of increased youth ASB and disorder”.

The action included weapons sweeps, a drugs dog being deployed and a knife arch at Elm Park Underground Station.

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Stop and searches were also carried out, leading to three arrests and one penalty notice being issued.

Police say the dispersal order resulted in a number of youths being handed notices and some taken home.

A Met spokesperson said: “Officers will continue to provide a high visibility in presence in the area and are working closely with schools and the local authority to take action against those involved in ASB or committing crime.”