Gidea Park event organiser postpones community festival to 2022

Lise Campbell-Price

Lise Campbell-Price is planning a pop-up festival in Gidea Park - Credit: Lise Campbell-Price

A Gidea Park woman, who was unable to hold a pop-up festival this summer, has set her sights on hosting a bigger event next year.  

Lise Campbell-Price spoke to this newspaper in July to share her hopes of arranging a pop-up “community-focused” festival in Havering.

Due to delays finding space for the event, it was postponed.  

Lise now aims to host the festival over four weeks in August 2022 and she hopes it will encourage people to shop and buy locally.  

Facebook group RM3gether has been set up to encourage residents to take part.  

As owner of events company Really Good Events, Lise will bring some “big names” to the occasion.  

She said: “I thought it would be better to do a really good job rather than cobbling something together.  

“During the pandemic we saw the community pull together and we want to continue that spirit.”  

People interested in contributing to the event can email