Romford Recorder readers have shared what they want an old Romford pub to be turned into - including a "mega Wimpy" and a "pie and mash with a drive thru".

Havering Council received an application to convert the ground floor of the Durham Arms in Brentwood Road into a restaurant on February 8.

The upstairs will remain residential and the pub, which has been shut since 2019, was bought in November 2023 by investment firm C4Chatga Ltd.

Recorder readers took to Facebook to respond to this news, and while there were calls for the building to be a pub once again, some residents had more ambitious ideas.

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Gary Putt proposed a "pie and mash with a drive thru", receiving the most likes and reactions from his fellow readers.

Many readers shared their desire for more diverse food options.

Matt Hill dreamed of a "big Indian restaurant with entertainment", whereas Anne Miles suggested a "restaurant like Spaghetti House" with "good tasty food" and "reasonable prices".

Continuing with the world food menu, Hall Kelly suggested "a nice Italian, with live entertainment".

Another reader Maude Mirwood instead fancied a "French bistro with foie gras and steak tartare".

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Some tongue-in-cheek- suggestions were "KFC" and a "mega Wimpy" - neither in line with the planning application's intention to provide a "high-end experience" at the future restaurant.

The news of the planning application also sparked nostalgia for the pub's yesteryears on Facebook.

Karen Poet commented: "This was our pub in 1980 had so many laughs in there and many friends were made.

"Many a time got out and walked home a bit unsteady ha ha!!!

"Will never see it as a restaurant too many memories."

Councillor Judith Holt said she is glad the building is being put back into community use after after being abandoned for some time.

The final decision on the planning application is expected to be made by April 9.

To see the full details of the application, visit Havering Council's website.