The closure of Romford Atik has sparked nostalgia from generations of clubbers as they remember their "absolutely epic" nights from the past.

Atik Romford, opened in 2018 by parent company Rekom UK, was forced to close due to the company's inability to reach an agreement with the landlord.

The nightclub’s closure after an "extremely difficult" period for the hospitality sector has led many social media users to relive their old memories.

The venue has gone through several name changes over its history, formerly known as Time & Envy and Liquid.

One resident Mark Biggs reminisced about the early 2000s, when the club was Time & Envy, saying that "Wednesday nights were absolutely epic".

Meanwhile, Kathleen Sheehan remembered about her first time in the nightclub.

She said: "Time & Envy, I remember walking in there for the first time as a club, looking over the balcony and thinking how awesome it was."

Craig Mead said: "Time and Envy was bloody brilliant back in the day."

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Perhaps the best story from the nightclub's heydays was from Phil Stopp.

He said: "I remember a friend of mine falling down the stairs and breaking his arm but surprisingly he never spilt his pint."

Once upon a time the venue was even a cinema.

Julia Smith recalled this, saying: "I remember when it was a glorious cinema, with a stage and went to Saturday morning pictures and also saw concerts there."

Another resident Joanne Marie added: "Better as a cinema.

"Watched loads of classics in there including Grease and Gremlins."

However, some locals made it clear on social media that they were not saddened by the news.

Helen Beard said: "I certainly won't miss it, be glad when it's gone for good."

Another resident simply commented: "Thank god about time."

Despite its financial struggles, Rekom UK expressed gratitude to all guests and teams that had made Atik Romford a popular venue over the years.

The closure led to the team's redundancy and ended an era of music and club culture for many.