East End acting star Danny Dyer visited Romford to shoot for an upcoming hooligan drama film.

The former EastEnders actor arrived at Romford Shopping Hall in Market Place at around 5pm and stayed until midnight last Friday (February 2), Andy Brace of Worldwide Signings said.

Danny, a West Ham supporter, came to the Romford shopping complex to film Marching Powder, his upcoming action-comedy film said to feature football hooligans.

Michelle Petty, Romford Shopping Hall sales and marketing manager of 14 years, said it was an impressive spectacle to have football hooligan extras staging fights there.

"They turned one of our shops into a sports bar," she explained. "There were 70 extras acting out fights.

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Romford Recorder: Danny Dyer outside Romford Shopping Hall last Friday (February 2)Danny Dyer outside Romford Shopping Hall last Friday (February 2) (Image: Submitted)

"Danny was a really kind guy and took some time out to speak to the shopkeepers - everyone [involved in the shoot] was really kind and really sociable."

Michelle added that it was good to see Danny supporting Romford businesses, and said the shopping hall was full with a waiting list.

Andy, owner of boxing memorabilia outlet Worldwide Signings, said he was delighted to welcome Danny into his store.

Romford Recorder: Danny took the time to chat with Andy Brace of Worldwide SigningsDanny took the time to chat with Andy Brace of Worldwide Signings (Image: Andy Brace)

The shopkeeper said that Danny and the crew had filmed outside his store.

Andy said it had been a long evening since the crew had arrived at midday and stayed until midnight, but it was worth it to see The Football Factory star.

"He was in character the whole time," Andy said. "Danny himself was brilliant and the crew were really friendly."

Michelle agreed and said there had been around 100 people, including the cast, film crew and shopkeepers, in the hall that evening.

"It was brilliant - really good fun it was," she added.

Michelle also said that five businesses had opened in Romford Shopping Hall in the last two months, including restaurant The Italyans.

The Italyans, which opened last Thursday (February 1), had pizzas paid for all evening by Danny and his crew.

"That was their first day of business," Michelle said. "It was two years in the making - that was a really big moment [for the owner]."