A Chadwell Heath man is one of two jailed after a dad from south London was stabbed to death outside a nightclub.

Mawien Mawien, 39, of Portland Close, Chadwell Heath, has been sentenced to five years in prison for grievous bodily harm in relation to his involvement in a fight outside of The Colour Factory in Hackney Wick on February 11 last year.

During the fight, Trei Daley, 26, from Bromley, was fatally stabbed.

At the sentencing, Judge Mark Dennis KC confirmed that the knives had been concealed in the defendants’ underwear.

Mawien was given a five-year sentence and an 18-month sentence to run concurrent to one another.

Two thirds of this time will be spent in custody, and for the rest Mawien will be out on licence.

Christopher Appiah-Blay, 35, of Wick Road, Hackney, was given a prison sentence for manslaughter.

He was sentenced to 14 years in prison and given an additional 12-month sentence to be served concurrently.

Both second offences were possession of a bladed article.

Like Mawien, two thirds of this sentence will be served in custody and for the remainder he will be released on licence.

After statements were read from Trei’s mother and partner, Judge Dennis KC said: “His death has had profound and irredeemable circumstances for those close to him.

“The family of the deceased should be commended for dignity and composure they have shown in the courtroom today and throughout the trial.”

Before sentencing the two defendants, Judge Dennis KC addressed them and said: “This was 45 seconds of violence fuelled by bravado and drink.

“You are both comparatively young men but well old enough to know how to handle such a situation and not to have resorted to such violence.

“This could have remained no more than a minor fist fight at worst but you transformed it into a lethal encounter by producing knives that you were carrying that night for no better reason other than if need to use them arose.”

During the trial, the jury was told that Trei had been out celebrating a friend’s birthday when they became involved in a fight with Mawien and Appiah-Blay, who they had never met before.

The jury were told that Appiah-Blay got into an argument with a young woman and was being “rowdy”. She claimed that he called her “fat” and a “b**ch”.

Appiah-Blay was heard complaining that she had spat at him so he threw a drink at her, the jury were told.

Some of the drink fell on Trei and his friend Malachi Robinson.

The woman said she continued to goad Appiah-Blay, who then threw a burger at her leaving sauce in her hair.

The court heard that Trei then tried to calm Appiah-Blay down and that things did then calm down for around five minutes before Trei’s brother Rico got into an argument with Mawien.

Mawien allegedly told Rico: “These are my ends, I can get people here in seconds.”

As tensions rose the first punch was thrown by Trei, beginning a fight which would have fatal consequences.

The fight involved Trei facing off against Appiah-Blay and Trei’s friend Sheldon Bastien facing off against Mawien, prosecutor Mr Evans told the jury.

Appiah-Blay pulled a knife out just moments after Trei threw a punch, the jury were told.

During the fight Bastien was allegedly stabbed in the back by Mawien, but he only received minor injuries.

But Appiah-Blay stabbed Trei twice in the chest, with one penetrating his heart.

Judge Dennis KC confirmed that the slash was 13.5cm deep.

Trei was taken to hospital and pronounced dead within the hour.