A defendant in a murder trial was attacked outside the Old Bailey, it can be revealed.

On the first day of his trial Mawien Mawien was subjected to an attack as he walked out of the court. 

Mawien, 39, of Portland Close in Chadwell Heath, was accused of murdering Bromley man Trei Daley – who was stabbed to death outside a nightclub. 

Mawien has since been found not guilty of murder but guilty of grievous bodily harm. 

A reporting restriction had previously prevented us from making the details of the attack on Mawien public. 

Romford Recorder: Mawien MawienMawien Mawien (Image: Met Police)On January 2, 2024, at around 1pm Mawien was leaving the Old Bailey as he was on bail during the trial. 

As he exited the building he was attacked and sustained injuries to his mouth and arm. 

A crime scene was in place outside the Old Bailey throughout that afternoon. 

After the attack Judge Dennis withdrew Mawien’s bail for his own protection. 

He urged City of London Police to investigate thoroughly, pointing out that the attackers may be guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice. 

A City of London Police spokesperson said: "Two men have been arrested in connection with the assault that took place outside the Old Bailey on 2nd January.

"Further investigations continue."

Romford Recorder: Police and an ambulance outside the Old Bailey after the attackPolice and an ambulance outside the Old Bailey after the attack (Image: NQ)Mawien was on trial alongside Christopher Appiah-Blay, 35, of Wick Road in Hackney, both accused of 26-year-old Trei’s murder. 

Appiah-Blay was also cleared of murder but was found guilty of manslaughter. 

The jury were previously told that Trei had been out celebrating a friend’s birthday on February 11 last year when they became involved in a fight with the defendants, who they had never met before.   

Outside the Colour Factory nightclub in Hackney Wick tensions rose when a burger was thrown. 

Prosecutor Julian Evans KC said: “Sadly, this will not be the first time that groups of men have got in fights outside a club after a night club, nor will it be the last.  

“No one, least of all me, is going to say that a punch-up is acceptable behaviour – it isn’t, but usually nobody dies.  

“This fight was different. And the simple reason that this fight was different, and the reason this fight ended in tragedy, is simple. It is because the defendants were carrying knives. And in the course of the fight, they used those knives.” 
Romford Recorder: Trei Daley, who died after he was stabbed in the heart outside a nightclubTrei Daley, who died after he was stabbed in the heart outside a nightclub (Image: Met Police)

Mr Evans told the jury the fight involved Trei facing off against Appiah-Blay and one of Trei’s friends facing off against Mawien. 

Appiah-Blay pulled a knife out just moments after Trei threw a punch, the jury were told.  

The jury heard that during the fight Trei’s friend was stabbed in the back by Mawien, but he only received minor injuries.  

But Mr Evans said that Appiah-Blay stabbed Trei twice in the chest, with one penetrating his heart.  

Trei was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead just an hour after he had been stabbed.