London is set to be battered with rain and wind in the coming days as the Met Office issues a yellow weather warning. 

It comes as the weather service officially named Storm Isha, which will bring strong winds and heavy rain across the UK from Sunday and Monday.

The yellow weather warning for wind is in place across London from 12pm on Sunday, January 21 until 12pm Monday, January 22.

London is set to be strong with gusts of up to 46mph as well as rain across the weekend.

Met Office issues weather warning for wind in London 

You can see the full weather forecast now via the Met Office.

The Met Office has shared that travellers should expect bus and train services to be affected by the weather with journey times taking longer.

Plus, some roads and bridges across London could likely be closed due to the weather.

There could also be damage to buildings, such as tiles blown from roofs and danger to life from flying debris is possible.

London could also be met with power cuts with the potential to affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage.

Discussing the upcoming weather, Met Office forecaster shared: "Strong winds associated with Storm Isha are expected to develop widely across the UK on Sunday, persisting into Monday across parts of England and Wales.

"Within the warning area, many places are likely to see southwesterly winds gust to around 50-60 mph and gusts may reach 60-70 mph for exposed locations (e.g. coasts).

"There remains a chance of stronger winds impacting parts of this area for a time but this aspect remains uncertain with further updates to the warning to be expected over the coming days."