London has seen very wintery weather in the last few days, as temperatures plummeted and snow covered the region.

Across the capital, a yellow weather warning was placed for ice by the Met Office with snow and sleet following, forcing temperatures below zero.

Some areas of London saw snow showers become heavy with falls of one to three centimeters of snow.

At the start of the week, the Met Office shared that the weather could lead to longer journey times due to ice, urging people to take extra care when out and about.

But as ice and snow batter London, the Met Office has shared their forecast of what to expect for the upcoming weather, including when snow and the cold snap will end.

When will the cold snap and snow end in London?

Temperatures in London are expected to rise from Friday, January 12, but not by a lot with highs of 6C but will then drop again over the weekend on Saturday, January 13.

There are also warnings of temperatures once again dropping below zero in the region with a real feel of -3C towards evenings.

Over the next week, there will also be signs of dark cloudy conditions past Wednesday, January 10, with most days seeing overcast conditions but a low chance of precipitation.

The Met Office forecast shares: "Often cloudy with brighter spells at times. Generally dry although some light patchy drizzle at times. Breezy along coasts. Temperatures returning to nearer normal, but with overnight frosts still possible."

Although snow and the cold snap are set to take a break, it looks like it's here to stay for a little longer as weather forecasters hint and more snow.

Romford Recorder: The purple area shows the predicted snow fall. The purple area shows the predicted snow fall. (Image: WXCharts)

Will London get more snow?

According to weather forecasters WX Charts, it looks like London has a lot more snow on the way.

As the forecaster's weather map shows from January 17, London will be hit with more snow reaching around 2cm to 4cm in some regions.

There is also rain expected, which could become ice if temperatures drop low enough in London.

However, the Met Office suggests that chances of snow in the region are slim in their early predictions: "Further bands of light rain and drizzle may also sink south at times. There is a very small risk of a period of snow across some southern areas for a time."