A mum-of-six said her children "cried down the phone" after their dog was returned.

Lisa Eastwell confirmed yesterday (December 5) the return of Lola, three, a much-loved Jack Russell.

CCTV footage seen by The Recorder appeared to show a woman taking Lola on the evening of November 18 from the driveway of Lisa's home in North Road, Havering-atte-Bower.

Lisa said Lola was returned by the alleged thieves at The Orange Tree pub with police supervision.

"It was a dream come true because we were getting to the point we'd have to accept she was not going to be returned and remove all the posts, as they were a constant reminder for the children.

"When I told them they all cried down the phone - it couldn't be a better Christmas present," Lisa added.

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Romford Recorder: Lola with one of Lisa's children James, 2Lola with one of Lisa's children James, 2 (Image: Lisa Eastwell)

Police had confirmed that a woman in her 40s attended a Havering police station on November 20 to report her dog stolen.

Lisa said the family was just glad Lola had been returned safely and in a good condition.

"My son said that the whole family is back together," she added.

Romford Recorder: Reunited with her sister Daisy: Lola enjoying the sofaReunited with her sister Daisy: Lola enjoying the sofa (Image: Lisa Eastwell)

But Lisa said she remained concerned that other dogs were still in the possession of the alleged thieves.

She claimed that, before Lola was returned, she had received a call from the people that allegedly took her saying Lola needed treatment at a vet for £40.

Lisa believes Lola was only returned since she was microchipped and because of the large public appeal. 

She said the police instructed her to meet the alleged thieves in a public place, so chose the Orange Tree in Havering-atte-Bower where Lola was returned on December 4.

Lisa also praised the police officer who was leading the investigation to find Lola.

"He was very instrumental in finding Lola and very supportive," she said. "The main thing is that the dog is back and she is absolutely fine."

We have contacted police for an update on whether they will be further investigating the alleged theft of Lola.