Train stations in Havering have and continue to play an important role, so we have looked back at their history through photos.

Though most have gone through drastic change, all stand today, showing the importance of the railway.

From Harold Wood Station in 1965 to the lesser-known Emerson Park Halt of the 1970s, we have rounded up some historic images of Havering stations through the years.

1. Romford Station between 1895 and 1900

Romford Recorder: Romford railway station between 1895 and 1900Romford railway station between 1895 and 1900 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

This photo shows the new platform and railway station, dated between 1895 and 1900, according to Havering Libraries.

Here you can see ladies and gentlemen in traditional attire and a passing train on the left-hand side.

Lanterns can be seen on both sides of the platform, scattered around the edges.

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2. Harold Wood Station in 1965

Romford Recorder: Harold Wood Station in 1965Harold Wood Station in 1965 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

The Gubbins Lane entrance to Harold Wood Railway Station can be seen in this photo.

According to Havering Libraries the updated station entrance, booking hall and parcel office was built in 1934.

The station is relatively busy in this scene, with a couple on a motorbike observed racing past to the front.

3. Emerson Park Halt in 1970

Romford Recorder: Emerson Park Halt in 1970Emerson Park Halt in 1970 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

Emerson Park Halt station, here surrounded by greenery, was a short distance from Hornchurch town centre.

On October 1 in 1909 Hornchurch historian Charles Thomas Perfect recorded the opening of Emerson Park and Great Nelmes Halt.

The station, though renamed to Emerson Park Station, still operates to this today on the London Overground.

4. Gidea Park Station in 1965

Romford Recorder: Gidea Park Station in 1965Gidea Park Station in 1965 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

In this photo you can see platforms three and four of Gidea Park Station.

To the photo's left sits the 1902 Great Eastern Railway Provender Factory, destroyed in 1965 by fire according to Havering Libraries.

5. Hornchurch Station in 1954

Romford Recorder: Hornchurch Station in 1954Hornchurch Station in 1954 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

This photo captures Hornchurch Station in 1954.

The new Hornchurch Station was built in 1932, according to Havering Libraries.

When London Transport was formed in 1933 it became a District Line station, it was added, which stands to this day.

6. Elm Park Station 

Romford Recorder: Elm Park Station in 1937Elm Park Station in 1937 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

This station was opened on May 13 in 1935 by Sir Hilton Young and Lady Young, according to Havering Libraries.

Ownership passed from British Rail to the London Underground in 1969.

7. Upminster Station in 1905 & the 1970s

Romford Recorder: Upminster Station in 1905Upminster Station in 1905 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

Romford Recorder: Upminster Station (right) in the 1970sUpminster Station (right) in the 1970s (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)
Here we have two photos of Upminster Station.

The train pictured in the first photo was going to Barking, according to Havering Libraries, and railway staff can be seen just to the right of the vehicle.

A faint image of a man running across the track can be spotted on the right-hand side.

The colour photo includes shops from the 1970s.

8. Rainham Station circa 1905

Romford Recorder: Rainham Station circa 1905Rainham Station circa 1905 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

On April 10 in 1854 the first train passed through Rainham on the London, Tilbury and Southend Extension Railway, according to Havering Libraries.

The station remains operational and is used by c2c services.