We have rounded up a selection of photos from commemorations, celebrations and events in Havering's proud past.

They include a Remembrance service in the 1960s and a historic day for Rush Green Hospital at the start of its life in the National Health Service (NHS).

Take a look below at a selection of images from historic celebratory and commemorative events.

Remembrance service, Romford War Memorial, circa 1967

Romford Recorder: Romford War Memorial, circa 1967Romford War Memorial, circa 1967 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

This photo shows a Remembrance service at Romford War Memorial in Laurie Square.

It was one of the last to take place at its original location in Laurie Square, according to Havering Libraries.

The construction of the ring road meant it had to relocate to Coronation Gardens. 

Havering has many war memorials, most with their origins after the First World War, Havering Libraries added.

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Havering-Atte-Bower Carnival in 1963

Romford Recorder: Havering-Atte-Bower Carnival in 1963Havering-Atte-Bower Carnival in 1963 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

The Romford Drum and Trumpet Corps can be seen in this photo taken by David Potter.

Here you can observe a crowd of all ages being entertained by the band.

They were part of the carnival, a sign for which can be seen towards the back of the photo.

The Haverettes in St Mary's Lane, Upminster, circa 1970

Romford Recorder: The Haverettes in Upminster circa 1970The Haverettes in Upminster circa 1970 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

Havering Libraries have estimated that this photograph dates between the late 1960s and 1974.

It added that this could have possibly been taken during a Hornchurch Carnival.

The drums bear the official coat of arms of the London Borough of Havering.

Broadway in Rainham war memorial unveiling, 1920

Romford Recorder: War memorial unveiling in Rainham, 1920War memorial unveiling in Rainham, 1920 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

Here you can see a large crowd including people from nearby villages assembled in Broadway, Rainham.

This was on Sunday November 7 in 1920, according to Havering Libraries, two years after the end of the First World War.

On this day, the war memorial was unveiled there.

Rush Green Hospital becomes an NHS facility, 1948

Romford Recorder: The start of Rush Green Hospital's life in the NHSThe start of Rush Green Hospital's life in the NHS (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

In 1948, hospital staff and Romford Joint Hospitals Board representatives marked the end of the joint hospital’s board, and the start of life in the National Health Service (NHS).