A historic barn in Upminster has been labelled "at risk" because its thatched roof needs "urgent work", according to Historic England.

The body tasked with protecting the historic environment today (November 9) revealed ten sites have been added to the Heritage at Risk Register in London, including Upminster Tithe Barn.

Explaining their decision, Historic England said the roof of the 15th century barn is "in a poor state" and requires "urgent work".

The body could award it grant funding for repairs and a spokesperson claimed Havering Council is also committed to preserving the building.

It is one of ten London sites added to the register this year, but a whopping 41 sites have been removed.

These include Grade II listed Upminster Windmill, in St Mary's Lane, which has benefitted from a community-led restoration project.

Tom Foxall, Historic England director for London and the south east, said: "Local communities are at the heart of finding solutions for heritage at risk and we are dedicated to supporting them so they can benefit from even more historic places being removed from the at risk register.”

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Romford Recorder: Upminster Windmill has been saved, say Historic EnglandUpminster Windmill has been saved, say Historic England (Image: Historic England)

Historic England awarded £760,597 in grants for repairs to 17 sites in London during 2022/2023.

Eilish McGuinness, The National Lottery Heritage Fund chief executive, said: “It is so heartening to see a number of significant heritage sites removed from the Heritage at Risk Register in London, and given a new lease of life as part of their local communities and places."

One of those was Upminster Windmill, built in 1803, and described as one of the finest remaining smock mills in the country.

It has been now classed as "saved" by Historic England, after it re-opened in May 2023 following lengthy restoration works and the addition of a workshop and visitors centre.

There are currently 599 entries for London on the Heritage Risk Register, 31 fewer than 2022, according to Historic England.