We have rounded up a selection of photographs of old estates and farms in Havering, celebrating our borough's proud past.

From Nelmes Park Estate in Hornchurch and its scenic lake, to surburban developments to Hall Lane in Upminster, the borough has gone through significant change.

We have selected a range of photographs from Havering's past that reflect well-loved estates and farms away from the bustle of the city centre.

Nelmes Park Estate in Emerson Park, Hornchurch

Romford Recorder: Building of the Nelmes Park Estate commenced in 1979Building of the Nelmes Park Estate commenced in 1979 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

This photo of Nelmes Park Estate shows a view across the lake and includes, from the right, 2-6 Tyle Green, according to Havering Libraries.

The Luck Brothers firm was given permission to start building the estate in 1979.

It has been described as a pleasant oasis in the middle of housing with open grass, mature trees and a picturesque lake.

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Wackett's Farm, Romford

Romford Recorder: Wackett's Farm in Romford, circa 1905Wackett's Farm in Romford, circa 1905 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

Wackett's Farm in Romford, photographed around 1905, was also known as Lowlands Farm.

The farm was thought to have been demolished in 1955, according to Havering Libraries.

John Wackett of Bell House Farm in Rush Green was said to have worked the farmland at London Road.

Pettits Farm to Black Bridge, Gidea Hall, Romford

Romford Recorder: The Lake at Gidea Hall Park in Romford, 1902The Lake at Gidea Hall Park in Romford, 1902 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

An enchanting view of Pettits Farm to Black's Bridge in Gidea Hall can be seen here from around 1902.

The postcard shows a time shortly before the lake was included in what would be Romford's first public park, Raphael Park, according to Havering Libraries.

Doggett's Corner, Hornchurch

Romford Recorder: Doggett's Corner in Hornchurch, circa 1910Doggett's Corner in Hornchurch, circa 1910 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

This is a postcard view of Doggett's Corner looking from Upminster Road toward St Andrew's Church.

The corner was named after James Doggett, buried in Hornchurch on June 1 in 1779.

Mr Doggett leased nearby "Durifalls Farm" for 21 years, according to Havering Libraries.

Hall Lane Upminster, circa 1906 & 1913

Romford Recorder: Hall Lane in Upminster, circa 1906Hall Lane in Upminster, circa 1906 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)Romford Recorder: Hall Lane in Upminster, circa 1913Hall Lane in Upminster, circa 1913 (Image: Havering Libraries-Local Studies)

In 1906 plans were revealed to lay out around 700 acres of Upminster Hall Estate for building and in November that year work began to build Upminster Garden Suburb, according to Havering Libraries.

The 1913 photograph captures the built houses in that area, neatly sat next to each other with delicate trees scattered between.