Leaseholders at a 98-apartment block in Romford will not have to contribute to replacing flammable cladding on the building.

Housing association One Housing Group recently applied for planning permission to replace flammable render and cladding on Charrington Court, a nine-floor block in Atlanta Boulevard.

An inspection in 2020 found the “as-built” information did not match what had been installed at the site and found combustible materials present.

One Housing’s chief executive Richard Hill confirmed to the Recorder that leaseholders would not pay for fire repair costs.

"Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and we know the costs associated with fire safety work are a concern for many leaseholders,” he said.

“At Charrington Court, the final cost of the work is still being determined, though we have been clear that we will not ask residents to contribute to the cost of work to correct any issues with the external wall system, as their share of the costs will be covered by the Building Safety Fund.”