Working with producer idol is rapper’s dream come true

�A Romford rapper is preparing to release his latest single and for him it is like a dream come true because he gets to work with one of his famous garage producers, K Warren.

Vapour, whose real name is Martin Taylor said: “K Warren is one of the old school garage producers, I have grown up listening to him for years so it feels good to be working with him.

“It is like meeting a famous idol, someone that you look up to.”

Called Fire In The Hole, the song is by K Warren and features Vapour and another artist called 2 Ton.

Vapour, 30 describes the song as a garage club track. He said: “The song is about us delivering the goods.

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“It is saying that whenever we walk into any stage, we perform to the best of our abilities and our performances always go off with a bang.”

The single is due to be released on August 9 and Vapour is also preparing to release his latest album called 2 Eyes in brItaIn.

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He said: “It follows on from my last album and it has about 15 to 20 tracks on it.

“I always say that my next album is always better than the last one.

“It’s always a learning curve for me and I always aim to make some progression.”

For more information visit twitter@originalvapour

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