Shaken Not Stirred: James Bond fan co-founds group and brings thousands of 007 lovers together

Shaken Not Stirred group

The Shaken Not Stirred group visited the historic Burlington Arcade in celebration of the release of No Time to Die. - Credit: Shaken Not Stirred

A mutual love of James Bond led two fans to found an appreciation group which has gained over 6,000 members in two years.    

The popular Facebook group called Shaken Not Stirred – The World of James Bond was created by Romford-based Matthew Wood, 34, and Nick Fentiman, 48.  

It was set up in 2019 in the lead up to the release of No Time to Die, which was delayed multiple times due to the pandemic and was ultimately out in cinemas last month. 

Beginning as a “small hobby”, Matthew says the initial idea was to get people talking about Bond “in a positive way”. 

He said: "We offer a community where you can have a chat.

"Unlike a lot of online forums which can get toxic, we regulate a lot so it's a safe place where you can talk about James Bond no matter what your opinion or view is." 

Matthew said Terence Mountain, who played the assassin in the 1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service James Bond film, is a “good friend” who “heavily supports” the group.   

Shaken Not Stirred

Husband and wife, Matthew and Gemma Wood with group supporter Terry Mountain who has worked with George Lazenby and Sean Connery in Bond movies including Diamonds Are Forever. - Credit: Shaken Not Stirred

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The 007-enthusiast recalled ITV hosting a 007 marathon in 1999 -  where it broadcast all the Bond films ahead of the release of The World Is Not Enough starring Pierce Brosnan.  

However, Matthew was hooked after he watched the 1964 Goldfinger film with his father, who nurtured his passion for Bond.

Nick’s favourite Bond film is Live and Let Die, and like Matthew, his dad also influenced his fascination with the spy character.  

His interest was initially sparked after his father took him to the cinema to watch the 1981 For Your Eyes Only film.  

Most recently, in the run up to No Time to Die, the pair had branded clothes designed by t-shirt printer Imprints in Romford, ready for the group's Operation: Secrets event, which was held on October 2.  

Shaken Not Stirred

Left to right: co-founder Nick Fentiman, Matthew Wood, Gemma Wood, and other group members on the No Time To Walk tour. - Credit: Shaken Not Stirred

The event took three months to organise and saw over 50 fans attend to meet 007 stars, watch a private screening of No Time to Die and take a "No Time to Walk” location tour.  

Stars such as actor and stuntman Derek Lyons, who has appeared in several Bond films; actor Julian Ferro, who appeared in No Time to Die; and Madeline Smith, who played Miss Caruso in Live and Let Die, were a few of the 007 guests in attendance.   

To join the group or find out details of upcoming events, visit 

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