'Bring community back together': New street musical coming to Romford

pigeon show

A street musical is coming to Romford in September - Credit: Patrick O'Sullivan

A new type of theatre is coming to the streets of Romford this September.

Two Left Feet Theatre is putting on a Love Birds: A Pigeon Tale, a brand new street theatre musical.

Funded by Havering Changing, the initiative will feature actor-musicians and a community choir made up of Romford residents.

Theatre maker Patrick O'Sullivan stressed that anyone is welcome to join the choir.

He explained: "It's going to be an inter-generational choir, meaning children can come with their parents or grandparents, people can bring their friends.

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"The choir will be performing two or three numbers, and it can be as big as we want."

The show will be performed in different locations across Romford on Sunday, September 12, including in the town's marketplace.

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The story follows a street pigeon called Bessy on her quest to find a 'Romford hunk' to marry.

Patrick, formerly the education and outreach manager/ associate director at Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, added: "Over lockdown, music and singing hasn't been allowed to take place.

"This is the time to bring the community back together."

He has previously put on multiple community musicals at the Hornchurch theatre, and was the performance director for Spraoi, a street theatre spectacle company in Waterford, Ireland.

However, this will be his  first street performance in Havering, joined by song writer and musical director Steven Markwick.

Patrick O' Sullivan & Steven Markwick

Patrick O'Sullivan (r) is putting on the Romford street musical with Steven Markwick (l) - Credit: Patrick O'Sullivan

"Being out on the streets is a new thing for Romford," Patrick added.

"It's going to be exciting, and mischievous, and very interactive.

"In fact, the show relies on audience engagement to work."

Whilst he hopes people will come down on the day to watch the shows, Patrick explained it's normal people going about their daily lives who he hopes to engage with.

"Street theatre offers a chance for fun, and seeing something unusual," he added.

"We want to engage the biggest possible number of people, so we are performing in areas where people will be.

"It's the most democratic form of theatre- no-one is paying to be there, people don't have to travel to a specific building.

"Instead, we will be on the streets where the people of Romford exist everyday.

"This allows those who wouldn't normally go to the theatre to experience something new."

People interested in joining the community choir can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrtD7Lg_SNHohdh-P_jva_TVJCYtw6-YxLJsr3xgFEogoNcA/viewform

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