Family fun this summer: 5 free events to check out at The Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford

Art workshop for families this summer at the Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford, London.

The activity sessions at The Mercury Shopping Centre are a great way to socialise, where children can learn new skills and meet new people. - Credit: Hannah Davis

The Mercury Shopping Centre is hosting a range of exciting events for all ages throughout July and August, to encourage us to explore the creativity behind the places we see every day. 

Natalie Bays, the deputy centre manager of The Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford, shares what they’ve got planned for a jam-packed summer of activities, workshops and adventures to learn more about the world around us. 

1. Build your own bird house | Friday July 22, and Saturday, July 23, 2022 | 10AM – 4PM 

Bring the kids to this creative two-day workshop for the whole family. On the first day, you’ll help to build a bird house from recycled wooden pallets. On the second day, you’ll join a local artist in painting birds onto them, and once finished, the houses will be placed in the trees outside the mall to attract local wildlife.  

Children will also be taught how to reuse materials from home to build a bird house, so they can create their very own wildlife haven for their garden too. It’s a fun and engaging way for them to learn about sustainability, wildlife and looking after the environment.

Martin and Gavin will show families how to make a bird box out of re-used wood at The Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford

Martin and Gavin will be showing families how to construct a bird box out of re-used wood. - Credit: The Mercury Shopping Centre

2. House help | Thursday, July 21 and 28, 2022 | 10AM – 4PM 

If you’re in need of some advice on renting a property or buying your first home, The Mercury Shopping Centre have invited Beresfords estate agents to offer you free advice. 

You’ll be able to book in time with an expert from the team to discuss renting issues from mould in the bathroom to contacting your landlord. Or, if you’re saving up for a deposit, the team will be able to advise you on the best methods to make the process of securing your first home run as smoothly as possible. 

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On Tuesday, July 26, Whybrow estate agents will also be offering specialist advice for local businesses looking to rent commercial properties. Their team are experienced in organising leases for companies who are expanding into shops, offices or clinics.

Romford Utopia with local artists running workshops at The Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford, London.

Local artists will be running art workshops this summer at The Mercury Shopping Centre, where kids can learn about sustainability and protecting our environment. - Credit: Hannah Davies

3. A moss wall installation | (end of August) 

The Mercury Shopping Centre will be featuring a moss wall at the end of August to celebrate the ‘Architecture Adventure’ theme of nature and preservation this summer. Like living walls and other plants, moss walls act as a detoxifier, purifying the air from pollution and replacing it with cleaner, fresher air.  

The wall will be installed near Dolphin Approach, opposite the taxi drop-off point outside the shopping centre. Another benefit of moss walls is their proven ability to reduce noise levels, creating a quieter, more peaceful environment for visitors to enjoy. 

Make sure you're on the lookout for a new piece of artwork that will be showcased in the area, and revealed on the day of its installation. 

4. The Mercury’s upgraded electricity generating floor 

Following the 2018 installation of the world’s first kinetic floor (a floor which generates electricity when people walk over it), The Mercury Shopping Centre decided it was time for an upgrade. 

The floor, which is a new form of reusable energy, has now been upgraded to a more advanced design, creating energy more efficiently and effectively per footstep. 

The new floor aligns with their nature and preservation theme this year, helping to protect the environment by creating sustainable energy to power buildings.

Children creating artwork on a brick wall for a workshop outside The Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford, London.

The Mercury Shopping Centre's workshops are designed for children and families to explore the creativity behind the places we see every day. - Credit: WSMS Studio

5. Drawing doves and ducks in the park | Tuesday, July 26 2022 

Come to Rapheal's Park with The Mercury and arts organisation Havering Changing for a social drawing activity. Guided by local nature artist Lucia Hardy, you will get lots of advice on how to draw your favourite ducks and animals while they’re in motion.

If you are one of the first 20 people to sign up, you will also receive a free sketch book to take home. 

For more information on the events calendar at The Mercury Shopping Centre this summer, visit For enquiries, contact 01708 733620 or