Health centre offering cryotherapy, red light, oxygen and compression treatments opens flagship branch in Upminster

Be Superhuman

Be Superhuman founder Jag Chima, 42. - Credit: Chantelle Billson

A health optimisation centre which aims to help people live a longer and healthier life has opened its flagship clinic in Upminster. 

Less than three weeks ago, entrepreneur and investor Jag Chima, 42, from Redbridge, opened the doors to his latest business – Be Superhuman – on Corbets Tey Road.  

The space, which was formally home to Stuart Ikeman Hairdressers, has been transformed into a wellness clinic and health bar after a year of building works.

Jag hopes the design will “make people feel special” while helping them “live a longer, pain-free and more functional life”.  

The clinic’s motto is: “Your health is your superpower."

He said: “You walk in, and even if you book one session, you feel like you’ve walked into a place in Knightsbridge or Mayfair.  

“That’s how we want you to feel. We sell an experience and it has to be incredible.” 

Be Superhuman team

From left to right: Be Superhuman therapist Charlotte Bowen-Knight, 33, founder Jag Chima, 42, executive assistant Erika Trilikauskaite, 21. - Credit: Chantelle Billson

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Be Superhuman offers a range of services, including a full-body cryotherapy chamber, which plummets to temperatures of –85c in a bid to reduce joint and muscle pain, boost the metabolism, aid healing and improve energy levels.  

Red light, hyperbaric oxygen and compression therapies are also available, as well as IV drips, cryotherapy facials and massage treatments.

The red light therapy uses near-infrared light which is thought to reduce pain, inflammation and aid recovery, while the hyperbaric oxygen therapy aims to increase the rate of recovery, optimise performance and help fight off infection. 

Jag said: "Our objective is to educate people, we don't want people to come just to purchase a service, we also welcome people to have a look around the clinic and learn about the therapies we offer."

The clinic also has an IV drip area fitted with chairs Jag designed himself, which he says were inspired by Emirates airline's first-class.  

The adjoining health bar was built “in the hope of teaching people to make better choices”, Jag said.  

All ingredients used in the juices and smoothies are organic and from farm to frozen in a day, meaning they aren’t processed with any chemicals, he added.  


The health bar offers a range of smoothies, juices and protein shakes that can be made to suit your specifications. - Credit: Chantelle Billson

The 42-year-old has been involved in the fitness industry since 2008 - he founded Kris Gethin Gyms chain in India, a global fitness mentoring and educating platform called Physique Global and an international talent management company called iPlix.

In order to create his Upminster clinic, Jag said he “travelled the whole world” to experience therapies in places such as California and LA.  

Jag had initially hoped to open his clinic in the Middle East, but his vision changed during the pandemic.  

He said: “Lockdown happened and we decided to make the services more accessible, so we researched the demographics and decided Upminster was going to be the place for us to start.”  

As part of his research, Jag said he would sit outside the clinic’s location at 6am and “monitor the number of people cycling and running”.  

He then held a survey outside Upminster station to see how important health was to people in the area.  


The cryotherapy is Jag's favourite treatment as it leaves him feeling "buzzing". - Credit: Chantelle Billson

Jag said he hopes to "educate people and allow them to learn of the benefits of the modalities [therapies] available in the clinic”.

“We offer a feel-good experience, we help people feel good about themselves and we provide wellness and beauty inside out, rather than outside in.”  

In the short time the clinic has been open, Jag said the feedback has been “overwhelming” so far. 

He added: “We hope our clients walk away from the clinic buzzing and we hope they tell everyone else.  

“To improve your chances of living longer, you have to maintain your immunity and do things that contribute towards your wellness.” 

Of the treatments the clinic offers, Jag said his favourite is cryotherapy because it’s "only three or four minutes and you walk out buzzing”. 

Jag is currently working to get a second clinic in Buckhurst Hill open in early April.  

In the future he aims to expand to Dubai.    

Be Superhuman

Be Superhuman is located at 127 Corbets Tey Road. - Credit: Chantelle Billson