If you’re wondering what to watch this evening, why not put on a show that was filmed in Romford?

From documentaries that explore the skate culture in Hornchurch to a parody set in a Romford hospital, here are five movies and TV shows that were shot in Romford.


This modern take on the classic tale of Charles Dickens’ 1838 novel Oliver Twist lists Romford within its filming locations on IMDb.

The Sky original movie is directed by Martin Owen and stars actor Rafferty Law as Oliver, Sir Michael Caine as Fagin and Rita Ora as Dodge - a play on the Artful Dodger character.

Rom Boys

Romford Recorder: The Rom Boys are a group of skaters, BMXers and street artists who are fighting to keep the park alive for the next generation.The Rom Boys are a group of skaters, BMXers and street artists who are fighting to keep the park alive for the next generation. (Image: Clint Van Cliff)

Directed by Matt Harris and written by Matt and Susan Brand, Rom Boys is a historic documentary shining a light the struggle of one of the "world’s most unique skate parks” located in Hornchurch, Romford.

It gives an insight into the lives that this Grade-II listed skatepark has helped to create, and focuses on the Rom Boys, a group who are now fighting to ensure that the park can remain open.

Everyone in the film, which premiered on June 24 at Romford Film Festival, is a regular at Rom Skatepark on Upper Rainham Road.

The House on the Cliff

In this 2021 horror-thriller, newly-weds move into their dream home in the hope that “life should be perfect”, but their love is soon tested by unexplained incidents.

Directed by Sam Bhattacharjee, this movie is planned to debut in October 2021. Its filming locations include the Little Tawney Hall Farm in Romford.

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

Although not necessarily shot in the area, this 2004 TV mini-series is set in “a hospital in Romford” - which is also situated over "the gates of hell".

Broadcast on Channel 4, this parody series follows a maverick doctor that battles evil forces beneath the wards.

Described as an “unearthed 80s horror/drama by IMDb, it features stars including Noel Fielding as Monkey Man and Richard Ayoade as Dean Learner.

The Admin Assistant

Originally named The PA, this 32-minute film debuted in 1997.

Directed by Angie Francis, the story introduces an executive PA working for a company in London. The drama follows the collisions of two opposite worlds.

The short includes film locations of Romford and Tottenham.