Romford Town Swimming is back in time for anniversary but needs funds to survive

Romford Town Swimming Club are celebrating their 120th anniversary (Pic: Donna Moule)

Romford Town Swimming Club are celebrating their 120th anniversary (Pic: Donna Moule) - Credit: Archant

Romford Town swimmers young and old are excited to be back in the pool again after four months out of the water.

The swimmers kept busy with a varied mix of dry land workouts, zoom chats (question and answers) provided by Olympic swimmers, coaches and Para-Olympians, but they missed the water and their friends.

The green light to return has came just in time for the club to celebrate its 120th Anniversary this September, making it one of the oldest swimming clubs in Essex.

Although Town’s swimmers are happy to see their friends and coaches and get back to fitness and fun in the water, 50 per cent of their water time has been cut due to their main training facilities remaining closed.

As a result of the pandemic, operating costs have increased and opportunities to raise money through organised events and galas have vanished.

Fund raising is now vital to keep the club going through these difficult times.

The club, which is a registered charity, recently launched its first online Crowdfunder, the Romford Town Swimming Club Covid Fund Appeal.

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According to chairperson Laura Scannell-Wood this will keep our club alive and will let the swimmers return as safely as possible within the government and Swim England guidelines.

The swimmers have done their absolute best to remain fit through lockdown and now the crowd funding is being organised to help Town’s 200 swimmers continue to do what they love, hopefully for the next 120 years.

Romford Town continues to serve the Havering community through teaching its youngsters to swim, and continuing to help young and old reach their goals by staying fit and healthy and giving them the opportunity to improve and succeed with its swimming programs.

It starts with the youngsters in its learn to swim program via Romford Otters, and goes on to young people who can access its county, regional and National level swimming programs as part of its main squad.

Finally it has a Masters team of 21 – 70+year old competitors who also regularly train and race all over the country. Indeed some members are third generation swimmers, because swimming is a way of life for many of them.

As an extra boost Sport England has promised to match fund 50% of the target raised.

The club has so far raised an amazing £8,7100 just short of their £10,000.00 target needed to secure the £5,000 grant from Sport England.

Visit to support the club.

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