Romford boss: Late penalty 'killed game' against Canvey Island

Romford manager Paul Martin during Romford vs Soham Town Rangers, BetVictor League North Division Fo

Romford manager Paul Martin - Credit: Gavin Ellis/TGS Photo

The penalty given against Romford on Saturday “killed the game” and consolidated Canvey Island’s 3-0 victory, according to the Romford manager Paul Martin.

Both teams fought out a close battle until the 81st minute, when a penalty was given to Canvey Island. Golden Igbineweka kicked a Canvey player while aiming to clear the ball on the edge of the Romford penalty area.

Referee Jonathon Bolland eventually awarded a penalty which Canvey converted into their second goal, but there was dispute whether or not the incident occurred within the box.

“I don't believe it was the right decision and I went and had a chat to [Bolland] after the game,” Martin said. 

“When you're there at the bottom, you don't get those decisions given to you, you know. When you're at the top, you do get those decisions. Unfortunately it’s just our luck at the minute, but we were in the game up until then and it obviously killed the game.”

“He thought he made the right decision - the linesmen weren't agreeing with it, I wasn’t agreeing with it - but he makes the final call in the middle, and as I say we can't dwell on them. We have just got to make sure we don't get in situations that punish us, so we've got to do better in front of goal.”

Going forward in the season, Martin wants the squad to settle. He commented on the team’s new faces on Saturday, saying: “We have four or five boys who don’t know one another yet, so it's going to take a little bit of time to gentleman bond them.”

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He also explained his push to add more talent to the squad: “We're trying to bring the right personnel in to make the squad stronger and better.

"It’s still going to take another couple of weeks to find the right balance, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ve been doing a lot of homework trying to attract certain players to the club.” 

He explained the financial difficulties of recruiting, but pointed out that Romford offered opportunity for youngsters. Martin said he would be looking at a few trialists during a friendly on Wednesday to scout out potential for Saturday’s squad.