Raiders import star Piatak continuing to wait desperately to return to family

Import Erik Piatak (centre) netted for Raiders at Telford (pic John Scott)

Import Erik Piatak (centre) netted for Raiders at Telford (pic John Scott) - Credit: Archant

Everyone Active Raiders forward Erik Piatak is watching the news every day to find out when he can return home to his pregnant wife and children after remaining stuck in England due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 34-year-old Slovakian has already agreed to return to the gold and blue for a second season after impressing the Raiders faithful in his first term.

And although he is excited about re-signing for the 2020/21 season he is currently enduring a tricky period in his life while being stuck away from his family.

“I follow the news every day and when they will open the airports in my country, and if it is possible, I will buy a ticket and I will definitely go home until the new season begins,” said the former Guildford Flames forward.

“Of course it’s very hard, as I have never been away from my family, children and wife, who is pregnant.

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“In July we are waiting for a girl, who I am very much looking forward to seeing.”

The centreman has however accepted the circumstances for the time being and is making the most of it.

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“I’ve accepted it as it is, these are global measures and I try to spend time studying English, which is very difficult for me in my head,” he laughed.

“I actively train every day and I try to cook new dishes. I’m in contact with my family at least over the phone, even though I can’t help my wife much and she has to have a hard time.”

Piatak was named as the Raiders coaches player of the season having slotted into the side right after being brought in to replace Marek Malinsky very early on in the season.

And he is pleased to have agreed to come back, adding: “I’m glad to be part of the good people around me and we have unfinished business from last season and I’m really looking forward to returning to the ice again.

“I felt very good here and I’ve enjoyed the time spent here. I like the environment, the city, the people in the locker room and of course the fans who are amazing and I have great support from them.”

He added: “I’m looking forward to every season of hockey as I like to devote myself to it as it’s my whole life.

“If things work properly then I’m looking forward to more time with the Raiders.”

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