'Take a picture with the trophy': Hornchurch FC celebrates win with fans

Hornchurch FC met fans at Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre

Hornchurch FC met fans at Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre - Credit: Sally Patterson

Hornchurch FC are celebrating their FA Trophy success with their local community. 

The team, who beat Hereford 3-1 in the FA Trophy final on May 22, were at Harrow Lodge Leisure Centre on June 1 meeting fans. 

The team’s manager, captain, players and coaches proudly gathered around their trophy and chatted to gym-goers and staff. 

Manager Mark Stimson said the team were going around as much as possible to promote the trophy and get the community involved. 

He explained: “I’m still living the dream, it’s a remarkable achievement that the boys have done. 

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“And fingers crossed, our supporters can come and watch the games next year and get behind the boys. 

“If anyone wants to come and have a picture with the trophy, they’re welcome to.” 

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Hornchurch captain Lewwis Spence added: "We’ve had a few opportunities to get together as a group since, and the boys have jumped at it as the memories we’ve created together are special. 

“Everyone’s enjoying being together, and we just want to promote the club within the local community.

“Walking around, neighbours and people in the area recognising us, it’s amazing and just highlights what we’ve done. 

“The club’s been amazing in supporting the boys during the pandemic, and how we’ve repaid them is remarkable. 

“What I’m most proud of is that during the run, everyone’s played their part.” 

Central midfielder Ollie Muldoon said the win still felt surreal, and he had to look back at pictures to remind himself it happened. 

“It was a magical day,” he added. 

“We’ve got that 'never say die' attitude - we stuck together and made it a memorable day for everyone.” 

Teammate Harry Gibbs, who joined the club last October, emphasised how friendly Hornchurch is. 

He explained: “I was welcomed into the group without even playing a game with them at all. 

“It was that welcoming attitude and camaraderie that led to the success with the trophy. 

“I keep explaining to younger players that this isn’t a normal squad, you don’t always get the togetherness - you could be left one-on-one with anyone and get on with them.” 

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