Recorder letters: Dovers Farm Green, RA councillors, clean up borough, care for the elderly and parking policies.

PUBLISHED: 12:00 10 February 2019

Havering Town Hall

Havering Town Hall


Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

Some RA councillors did back Tories

Denis O’Flynn, full address supplied, writes:

Terry F Matthews LL B ( Hons) Romford Recorder (February 1) seems to be suffering from an ailment known as the amnesia of convenience when he claims RA councillors have never propped up a Tory administration. You mate, have got to be joking.

Have you forgotten the number of occasions when RA and Tory formed the administration and have you looked at the last council and the number of RAs who actually sat on the cabinet and the present Harold Wood councillors who are part of the present administration thus keeping the Tories in power?

In fairness, I watch some arguments advanced by the present RA leadership as both challenging and factual a far cry from the days when a vote for RA meant a vote for the Tories when the chips were down.

Harold Hill residents will remember it was the casting vote of an RA councillor that allowed parking charges to be introduced on the Hill whilst at the same time an unsuccessful RA council candidate was campaigning against.

I think you will remember too a pledge given by the RA councillors when it came to the election of a mayor that if the Labour group supported the late Len Long you would support the Labour candidate.

You broke your promise on that and even the RA mayor voted against his own promise and voted for the Tory candidate and some of the RA councillors were seen sitting outside the Town Hall and when they finally arrived in the council chamber they said they had been delayed by traffic.

When you were in the Labour Party not so long ago you were making the same statement that you now accuse Matt Stanton of – making spurious statements.

If you are in any doubt about the accuracy of my statements take a stroll down the corridor in the Town Hall and see the number of pictures of RA mayors representing a group that never had a majority in the council chamber but by forming coalitions with the Tories they got chairmen and mayoralty.

So much for being an independent.

Don’t build on our green

Ms Kay Secchi and Mr John V Clarke, Queenstown Gardens, Rainham, writes:

Regarding my objection to building on Dovers Farm Green.

We are totally at a loss as to why the council would want to destroy a community green that has been a part of this community for over 68 years.

This has never been a highway, and to prove it people have been fined for even parking on the green, let alone driving on it. And quite right too. This is a ploy to enable the council to build on this precious piece of land.

The residents have used this land as exercise area, a safe play area for the children, a meeting place and have held fetes. We have all pulled together financially and have replaced the original WW1 memorial to the Anzacs (which had been destroyed many years ago), with full permission of the council, who have now said they will desecrate and move the memorial.

There are many mature trees on this land and according the the Mayor of London and her majesty the Queen, we should be planting more trees not destroying them, thus saving our earth. Concreting over green open spaces is an act of vandalism, and Havering Tory council should be ashamed of itself and be held to account.

I would like to cordially invite Mr Damian White to have time with the residents, and for us to explain face-to-face how important this is to us.

To have so much more traffic on this tiny estate is frightening. So many accidents are going to occur, it’s just not feasible.

The area is just not big enough for the new residents’ cars to reverse out of their drives and onto the roads that currently have parking problems. Who is going to pay for the accidents that will without doubt occur?

We have not been consulted on these problems at all, it will make our lives unbearable, and our community will be destroyed?

I’m sure the 30 houses that you want to build on this green could be incorporated within the other 3,000 odd houses, that you intend to build on Beam Park.

This is our objection to the taking and destruction of Dovers Farm Community Green.

Together we can clean up borough

Cllr Osman Dervish, councillor for Pettits Ward, cabinet member for environment, writes:

In response to the letter from a Collier Row resident in last week’s Romford Recorder, on behalf of Havering Council I’d like to say how pleased I am that the resident has highlighted this issue which is so important to our local community.

We at the council are equally appalled that people litter our streets.

I know that the resident’s report was dealt with immediately by our street cleaning staff and we continue to encourage residents to report those dropping litter and fly-tipping, which will help us keep our streets cleaner.

Fly-tipping has become more prevalent over recent years and costs us in Havering approximately £1m each year to deal with.

Recent figures by Defra [Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] show Havering in the top five of London boroughs carrying out enforcement action.

We will not tolerate the illegal dumping of waste.

Furthermore, I am delighted to write that we investing an extra £400,000 in the budget this year for street cleaning, which will see the frequency in residential streets increased from once every three weeks to fortnightly.

We will also be encouraging residents to join us in having pride in their own neighbourhoods, by joining us for community clean-ups and asking the question of others to stop and think about how they dispose of a cigarette butt or a crisp packet.

By working together, we can continue to make Havering a cleaner and tidier borough.

Help us to care for the elderly

Mike Yore, Home from Home, Woodhall Crescent, Romford, writes:

We are a local charity whose aim is to run a small care home that would be run on a non-profit making basis.

We would like to provide the best possible care for elderly residents at affordable rates.

Until we can reach that aim we have been providing a local befriending service and will be starting a care in your home service later this year.

Our charity depends mostly on voluntary help and at the moment we are looking for two volunteers.

One volunteer would have IT skills to help us keep our website updated and the other to help for four hours one day a week in our office.

If you would like to help our charity email or call Mike Yore 07832 299081.

Short-sighted parking policies

Alan Cauvain, St Andrews Avenue, Elm Park, writes:

It was good to read Cllr Stephanie Nunn, Elm Park ward, last week putting right the rubbish being spouted by the Labour supporter about car parking in Elm Park.

Having dealt with Barry Mugglestone on a number of issues since the RA were elected in my area, I find him a down to earth honest bloke who has been trying to work out a system on the parking issue for Elm Park and it’s one of the reasons I voted RA.

This Tory council has no thought for residents of this borough as all they are concerned with is putting up the price of parking in the small number of places available with no thought for the drivers who pay billions into the national coffers.

With their short-sighted parking policies they push drivers to clog up back streets and starve the shopkeepers. A bunch of dopes were voted in at the last local elections and now we are paying for it so I hope this is remembered next time.

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