Recorder letters: missing man, thanks to funeral services, thanks to voters for support, Haswa birthday and Beam Park.

PUBLISHED: 12:00 13 May 2018

The results being announced  at the Havering Council election count at the Hornchurch Leisure Centre

The results being announced at the Havering Council election count at the Hornchurch Leisure Centre


Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Recorder readers this week.

Thank you George for help in finding missing man

Sue O’Riordan, via email, writes:

George Bowers from Romford does not realise how much he did last month for the family of a missing severly autistic young man.

I had put a missing persons appeal on the facebook site Save Our Taxis which George had seen. The young man we were looking for had been missing eight days and had been tracked by missing persons and police using his freedom pass across London.

He was never in one place long enough for someone to actually approach him .

George saw him walking down Park Lane and followed him. He put into a call to the missing persons unit and then saw two police officers outside Pret a Manger so George got out of his cab and told the officers Daniel’s full name etc and they apprehended Daniel.

George was there when the police actually approached Daniel.

Daniel was a high risk as he left his home in the early hours with just his freedom pass, no medication, no money and no coat. There was a risk of him having seizures due to being dehydrated and no medication .

George had also been trying to let me know on social media all the time keeping me informed.

I spoke to George via messenger and kept him updated but he really doesn’t know what he did was amazing and said anyone would have done the same which we know they wouldn’t as unfortunately on the met twitter missing person appeal there were some horrible comments regarding Daniel’s looks.

We cannot thank him enough.

Funeral directors’ dignified service

Mr R Webster, Briar Road, Harold Hill, writes:

My wife, Gloria, sadly passed away on April 7 and I am writing regarding her funeral.

I wrote to you a while ago regarding my late mother-in-law’s funeral and the same funeral services of Harold Wood, Chippenham Road, Harold Hill carried out my late wife’s funeral.

The funeral took place at South Essex Crematorium on April 26. My family, friends and I cannot thank them enough for carrying out their duties once again with proficiency and dignity. A very professional firm. Thank you.

A very difficult four years ahead

Lawrence Webb, former Ukip group leader on Havering Council, writes:

Firstly, on behalf of all the Ukip candidates I would like to thank those who kept the faith and voted Ukip. For those of us that had previously been elected to represent our residents it was a pleasure to do so.

Ukip’s rise has been largely fuelled by dissatisfaction with the old parties and not least their failure to address the issues of the EU and immigration – much of which is directly due to our membership of the single market.

One of the highlights of my term in office is proposing the motion that saw Havering Council agree that we would be better off outside the EU and I am convinced that this gave the Leave Campaign a boost ahead of the referendum which enables us (the people) to have a say in our relationship with Europe for the first time in nearly 50 years; AND WE VOTED TO LEAVE!

Secondly, I would like to congratulate those councillors who have been elected to serve the residents in our place.

The next four years are going to be difficult ones. Since the referendum roughly 56,000 foreign nationals have come to settle in the UK each and every month and continue to come (ONS NINO registration). Of those approximately half are settling in London. This means that the pressure to build on Havering’s green-spaces is only ever going to increase.

In addition to these housing pressures there will be ever greater budget restraints placed on the council due to the loss in central government funding.

In the meantime, of course, we are still paying £1billion a month into the EU budget and will continue to do so until the end of the transition period which means Brexit will have been unnecessarily delayed for four years or more.

When next you are asked to elect the people you would like to represent you in four years’ time I fear Havering will be a very different place and sadly not for the better.

Congratulations to Haswa on birthday

Councillor Stephanie Nunn and Councillor Barry Mugglestone, Elm Park Ward, write:

We would like to congratulate Haswa on their 20th anniversary and to thank them for inviting us to their joint celebration of both Vaisakhi and their birthday.

Haswa is an organisation based in Elm Park which offers a broad range of activities and services to the whole community.

Yoga, Bollywood dancing, lunch club, health advice, drama and sewing are just some of the things on offer, all provided with no funding from Havering Council. Most importantly, a friendly welcome is guaranteed to all.

Haswa was founded by Mr Sansar Singh Narwal 20 years ago. The excellent team of Manjit, Daljit and Nirmala organised the wonderful cultural celebration with dancing by Storm V Academy and a meal served by volunteers. Well done to all.

We need proper consultation

Matt Stanton, Gisborne Gardens, Rainham, writes:

Having seen the news regarding City Hall taking over the Beam Park planning application, it is easy to just blame “the council” for the situation.

At present we have a three-sided situation – officers, councillors and community. However, it’s not the councillors who draw up the plans, and there is no process by which these plans are “negotiated” between community, officers, and councillors prior to going to committee, nor is there any process by which the plans are “negotiated” between committee and planners. They are passed or rejected.

What we need is consultations that don’t begin and end with “here are the plans”. What we need is a process that involves all sides, not impositions.

Now parties must take on Sadiq

Alan Cauvain, St Andrews Avenue, Elm Park, writes:

Tories have lost control at last, now the other parties need to step up and set policies that the people of Havering want.

They need to take on Sadiq Khan, not cave into him with his mass building programme to meet the needs of London.

Build the dwellings that meet our borough’s requirements. Every vacant piece of land is being built on with no consideration to the infrastructure, our streets are more like car parks making driving difficult and dangerous due to insufficient car parking facilities, and a number of roads suffering from potholes and bad surfaces through lack of investment.

Policing in my area is non-existent and after attending a neighbourhood watch meeting recently I am more convinced than ever that the police are vastly over stretched and should be taken out of the tri borough scheme so they can concentrate on the people of Havering.

The residents of Havering are entitled to feel safe and confident that our police cover the borough of Havering. The councillors need to work for the needs of the residents of Havering and not fall in with everything that Sadiq Khan dreams up which it seems the Tories are happy to do.

It was a great team effort

Jan Sargent, Harold Hill Independent Party, writes:

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to those who placed their trust in voting me into the position of councillor on behalf of the Harold Hill Independent Party. I feel very proud to have been chosen to not only represent my party but also residents who live in the Gooshays Ward.

I would also like to give my thanks to Lorraine Moss who has been our backbone as without her, none of this would of been possible.

I would also like to thank my fellow Harold Hill Independent candidates Chris Cooper, Philip Hyde and Sam Brown for working tirelessly alongside me leading up to this election.

I certainly see this result as a team effort and party success rather than a personal one.

I would also like to thank all of our volunteers as each and everyone of them helped towards this result.

What a great team !

Lastly, all I can say is that over the next four years I hope to repay the trust and faith that the electorate in Gooshays ward have shown me by giving them in return, the commitment that they richly deserve.

Sorry for ballot paper confusion

Cllrs Williamson, Summers and Burton, South Hornchurch Independent, write:

I would like to thank all the electors of the ward that voted for us last Thursday. We apologise for the confusion on the ballot paper that split our vote. Hopefully it won’t be repeated.

All of us are available to try and resolve any council related problems our residents may have and the hard work has already begun to try and keep the area safe, clean and as green as we can.

We urge residents to join and help us in achieving that goal!

Already starting to fulfil promises

Councillor Denis O’Flynn, Heaton ward Labour councillor, writes:

May I express my sincere thank you to the residents in Heaton Ward, Harold Hill, for their support in the local council elections which resulted in my being elected again for a further four years. I am truly grateful.

Promises are made during election campaigns and I certainly made a number which I have already started on including Briar Road, Heaton Avenue, Keats Avenue, Morris Road and a few others.

Can I also express my gratitude to the Romford Recorder for publishing varying political points of view from all parties, including my own, thus proving once again the value of a community newspaper helping the public keeping in touch with events outside the immediate areas. Thank you.

Thanks for your huge support

Cllr Linda Hawthorn, Cllr Ron Ower and Cllr Chris Wilkins, Upminster and Cranham Residents Association, write:

May we thank all of the people who voted for us last Thursday. We were so pleased that we got such huge support.

We would also like to thank the current mayor, Linda Van den Hende, for her support and help over the past 12 years - Ron and Linda found her a pleasure to work with, and are delighted that she is having such a successful year as mayor.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us, and as usual, we are here for the next four years to help you with your problems.

Effective record won through

Cllr David Durant, Rainham and Wennington Independent Residents Group, writes:

May I on behalf of Rainham and Wennington Independent Residents Group councillors thank the many residents who voted us back into office for another four year term. Our record of effective representation on issues big and small won through despite a strong showing from national parties and local independents.

With residents continuing support we shall continue to do our best to keep Rainham and Wennington special.

It’s a privilege to serve you all

Cllr Clarence Barrett, Cllr Gillian Ford, Cllr John Tyler, Cranham Residents’ Association, write:

May we say a big thank you to our residents who elected us in large numbers.

It is an absolute privilege and honour to represent and serve all our residents and having local people looking after the local community, on a visible and ever-present basis, is the bedrock of good and effective democratic representation.

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