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PUBLISHED: 12:00 16 December 2017


Trump will soon turn us into the Jetsons

Donald Trump has the ability to split opinion. So much so there is a debate over whether the President of the USA should get a state visit to Britain.

After all, he tweeted a putdown to our own leader. Some think it shouldn’t happen and some think we should ignore it as no one turning up to meet him would be the cruellest thing to do to a narcissist.

There’s even a campaign on Twitter to #ShowYourRumpToTrump when he arrives at the airport. That’s one reason to hope the state visit isn’t soon.

It’s cold and I’d need some time to hit the gym.

It’s good to find the news stories that don’t leave Trump looking bad, it’ll bring people together.

This week Donald Trump has signed a directive to send astronauts back to the moon.

I’m surprised he did that. I imagine the core Trump supporter thinks the moon landings are fake and that the Earth is flat.

I’ve had some lovely Twitter arguments with flat Earthers. Why would the government spend so much trying to convince us the planet is planet-shaped?

Who’s making money from this? How much money is there in selling drinks cabinets in the shape of globes?

As someone who likes science I like space travel.

The push to put people on the moon gave us technology we use today.

The reason there had been little movement in sending people to the moon is that we were kind of getting on well on Earth.

It was the USSR and the USA falling out that led to the space race and getting a man on the moon. Trump wanting to beat China is causing this latest spurt.

The way things are going, if Trump keeps falling out with leaders we’ll be living like the Jetsons in no time.


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