Zombie film made in Havering

Zombies were on the rampage in Havering over the weekend as a local film-maker shot his latest film.

Laurie Calvert, 49, from Hornchurch, was making a short zombie horror film called Undead or Alive with make-up artist Amelia Harris and Jake Portsmouth, who played the part of the zombie.

The story follows a man filming a horror movie in a forest. He takes his girlfriend with him, but as a surprise for her he brings his pet zombie and things start to go horribly wrong.

Laurie said he had the idea for the film when Amelia approached him saying she could do special effects make-up.

He said the offer was too good to refuse so they set about working on the horror movie idea.

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The film was shot in a number of locations around Essex including Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch and Hadleigh Castle.

He said: “The weekend filming was very busy. Firstly the make-up took two hours to apply.

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“Amelia is a perfectionist, but the final result looked great for camera, so it was worth it.”

They filmed Nicola Schofield getting chased through the park by Jake Portsmouth and then Reis Esiroglu pretending to film the action. It was set to the Benny Hill theme tune.

He said: “The Sunday was less frantic as we filmed within a fancy dress shop called ‘Dress the Part’ at Basildon.

“Finally the movie ends up at Hadleigh castle in amongst the ruin where the final confrontation occurs. I won’t spoil it by saying what happens.

“You’ll have to search for it on YouTube using ‘Hornchurch Zombie’

“It really was an Essex adventure. Many thanks to all who helped.”

Laurie, a web designer, said he was inspired to start making films in 1978 after seeing Star Wars.

Since then he has made more than 300 short films and two feature films in horror and animation.

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