Woman wants to say thanks to stranger who saved her son in Romford bus crash

A woman who was taken to hospital after a bus crashed with a car in Romford last week says she wants to thank the stranger who saved her son from getting injured.

Zoe Crowhurst, 25, was travelling to her home near Romford Station on the 370 bus on Wednesday of last week when it was involved in a collision with a car.

When the bus was at the junction of Oldchurch Road and South Street, she stood up ready to get off of it was thrown to the ground and another passenger landed on top of her.

Zoe was one of four people taken to Queen’s Hospital following the smash, but she says it would have been five if not for one quick thinking woman who helped her five-year-old son, Liam.

She said: “All I remember is the bus bumped something, I went flying back and ended up on the floor.

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“I couldn’t see my son but he told me she’d pushed him back so he didn’t smash his face on the bar. Then she sat with us the whole time while I was being treated.

“There was another little girl about the same age that smashed her head. Her mum had another baby in her arms and so there was no one to stop her hitting her head on the other side of the bus. She went to hospital before me.”

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Zoe was taken to hospital on a back board with suspected spinal injuries. Fortunately her spine wasn’t damaged but she was badly bruised and said the next day: “I can’t move my arm, I’ve had to stay at my mum’s. I’m all battered really.”

But she said: “I’d really like to try and get in contact with the woman and say thank you to her.”

The woman had short grey hair and was wearing a yellow top.

Call the newsdesk on 020 8477 3796 if you have any information.

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