Winners announced in kids’ fiction category of Havering Museum’s ‘Spooky Havering’ competition

Winners have been announced in Havering Museum’s “Spooky Havering” writing competition.

The panel received 17 entries in the six-to-10 age range. Ghosts, potions, dark forests, missing children and haunted sheds are among the youngsters’ creepy creations – but the winning entry tells of a spooky experience a little closer to home.

“The Unexpected Death” by 10-year-old Marzena Haizel wowed judges Robbie Quantrill of QB Photography, Rainham, and Recorder reporter Ramzy Alwakeel.

The runners-up are George Dean’s “The Hook” and Billy Smith’s “The Ghost, the Boys and the Potion”.

All three winners attend Pinewood Primary School and are 10 years old.

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Below you can read the tale that scooped first prize.

The Unexpected Death by Marzena Haizel

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“Mum, hurry up, I want to see grandma!” I yelled. Today was the day I finally got see my grandma; exciting! When my grandma was with me I could tell her absolutely anything.

As my mum drove the car (ever so slowly) she was asking me all types of questions like so what are you going to say to grandma? “It does not matter. I don’t need to practise what I’m going to say to her,” I shouted. We were there.

I stepped outside of the old-fashioned car. The Lodge (the care home) was beautiful, with bright glorious lights and a red carpet, grandma was lucky for sure! “So where’s grandma?” I said quite confused.

One of the old ladies said, “She is not alive I’m afraid, sorry honey.” My eyes were filled with tears, my heart skipped a beat. “You’ve got to be kidding me, the workers did not even tell us!” mum screamed.

Suddenly, a hand touched my shoulder then a voice whispered, “It’s okay honey it’s okay.”

“Mum, was that you?”

“No, what?” said mum.

Who touched and spoke to me then?

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