Who gets your nomination?

Deadline approaches for Havering Sports Council awards

Being the season for peace and goodwill to all men, it is an ideal time to think about making your nominations for the Havering Sports Council awards.

Our borough is blessed with a lot of sporting talent, of all ages, and no shortage of hard-working volunteers behind the scenes also, so why not take the chance to make sure they get some due credit?

Nomination forms can be downloaded from Havering Sports Council’s website at www.haveringsportscouncil.org.uk and entries have to be in by January 11.

There are eight categories, for junior male and female (aged 15 or under) competitors of the year, sports competitor (over 16) of the year, primary and secondary school team of the year, sports volunteer of the year, club of the year and a lifetime achievement award.

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Nearly every week there are instances of achievement and excellence by our sportsmen, women and children which would make them worthy candidates for nomination and it really is a joy to see the faces of the winners when they go up to receive their awards.

So if after opening all of your Christmas presents and having finished off the turkey, mince pies and pudding and had a nap, you find yourself stuck for something to do during the festive peroid, why not give some thought to the deserving souls at your club or school and get your forms in.

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