West Ham will look into future of Upton Park Remembrance Garden

After questions from West Ham fans, the club will look at the future of the Remembrance Garden at Upton Park when they move to the Olympic Stadium

West Ham are looking into the future of the Garden of Remembrance at Upton Park after concerns were expressed about what may become of it when the club move to the Olympic Stadium.

The garden, situated next to the John Lyall Gates at the entrance to Upton Park houses the ashes of many West Ham fans and opinions about what to do with the plot when the club moves on are mixed.

A club spokesman told the Recorder this week: “The future of the garden has been discussed and we realise that it is a very sensitive issue.

“Some people are keen to see the site remain at Upton Park as this is where their loved ones watched the club play, while others want the site to be moved to the Olympic Stadium complex.”

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Recorder reader Rosemary Jones expressed the views of some West Ham fans when she commented: “I imagine that many families of West Ham supporters remembered in the Memorial Garden would be interested to learn what plans have or will be made by the club with a view to the preservation of the Garden.

“My father was an ardent fan and his ashes are there - I should hate to think it may be forgotten or built over.”

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West Ham though are adamant that will not happen and their spokesman was quick to try and put people’s minds at rest.

“All we can say is that we are aware of both sides of the problem and we will be doing all we can to sort it out so it is acceptable for everyone.

“Rest assured it will be done in the right way.”

Just how they manage it, remains to be seen.

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