Hottest September day on record as temperatures soar to 31C in Havering

Warnings have been issued by the Met Office. Photo: PA Images

Warnings have been issued by the Met Office. Photo: PA Images - Credit: PA

People across the country have enjoyed the hottest September day on record with temperatures in Havering soaring to a scorching 31C.

At lunchtime today, the Met Office confirmed the record for September had been reached and issued a level two heatwave alert.

The heatwave has brought a roasting high of 32.2C at Heathrow with many other surrounding areas reaching 30C and 31C.

Temperatures in the borough are set to stay high with the Met Office predicting 27C and 25C tomorrow and Wednesday.

The scorching wether has prompted Public Health England (PHE) to issue a string of health warnings amid fears for children, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

Dr Thomas Waite, from the extreme events team at PHE, said: “For some people, such as older people, those with underlying health conditions and those with young children, summer heat can bring real health risks.

“The hot weather won’t make life difficult for all of us; indeed, many of us will make the most of it when the sun shines.

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“But some people may not be able to adapt to the extra strain hot weather will put on their bodies and may feel the ill-effects.”

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