Video: Harold Hill mum breaks Guiness World Record for eyebrow threading

Seema Thakkar and her supporters outside the Pink Salon in Harold Hill

Seema Thakkar and her supporters outside the Pink Salon in Harold Hill - Credit: Archant

An entrepreneur has made a name for herself on the international stage by setting a Guinness World Record.

To celebrate the first anniversary of her beauty salon, Seema Takhar officially became the fastest eyebrow threader on the planet.

The owner of the Pink Salon, in Harold Hill’s Chippenham Road, threaded 22 pairs of eyebrows in just one hour – falling just short of shaping one eyebrow every minute.

The mum-of-three was inspired to take on the challenge after seeing the success of her friends and family.

She said: “A childhood friend of mine is actually the fastest henna artist in the world and seeing her success made me want to do something.”

Miss Takhar, who taught herself the art at the age of 12, uses an unusual technique to thread eyebrows.

“I use my hands rather than my mouth,” she explained.

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“If you understand eyebrow threading you will know that is quite a different way to do it.”

The mouth method is usually considered the fastest, but Miss Takher smashed expectations to gain the world record.

The 31-year-old followed in the steps of her late father, a businessman, by opening the Pink Salon in the summer of 2013.

She said she is honouring her father by stepping out on her own.

“I just want to do him proud as he was very well known and I want to be known.”

The record was set in July when the salon celebrated its official anniversary, but it takes the Guinness World Records company up to 12 weeks to confirm the result.

“I feel brilliant, it’s absolutely amazing to be up there on the world stage,” Miss Takhar said.

“But it’s not really about the speed of the eyebrow threading – it’s all about the quality.

“If the fact that I am the fastest in the world gets my name out there, then I want the quality and shape of the eyebrows I do to keep it out there.”

The average eyebrow threading experience usually takes five to 10 minutes.

This makes a visit to Miss Takhar up to nine times faster than your standard salon experience.

The previous record was 15 pairs of eyebrows threaded by an individual in one hour – 14 eyebrows less than Miss Takhar managed to shape during her record setting attempt.