Victoria Road, Romford, width restrictions to be lifted

Romford drivers and residents who have had to endure a width restriction will see it lifted shortly.

The width restrictions in Victoria Road, Romford, will be lifted and buses will be allowed through the road “as soon as possible”, Network Rail has said.

The restriction was put in place while the company carried out an investigation into what weight could be put on the bridge.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: “Working closely with Havering Council we have reviewed the temporary weight limit for the bridge and agreed it can be raised.

“As a result, the temporary width restriction will also be lifted.

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“These changes will be made as soon as possible. Safety is Network Rail’s priority and while we appreciate the temporary restrictions may have caused some inconvenience, they were necessary to protect the bridge and its users while a detailed analysis took place.”

The investigation found out that the bridge has the capacity for 40 tonne loading, but the footpath can only take 7.5 tonnes.

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Havering Council officers have suggested a way to protect the footpath so that the restriction can be lifted, which is being looked into.

Romford Town ward councillors Frederick Thompson, Wendy Brice-Thompson and Andrew Curtin had been campaigning for a lift on the restrictions.

Cllr Thompson said: “It’s good news. Obviously it’s going to take them some weeks before it actually comes off.

“I think the council’s highways department has done a good job in helping get it lifted.”

A meeting is due to be held in the next few weeks to see how the scheme can progress.

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